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How To Get Back Your Stolen Phone

This Article Contains Free Methods To Get Back Your Stolen Or Missing Phone. Here Is The Simple Way To Find Your Stolen Phone. If Someone Stole Your Phone, And You Want To Get It Back, Read This Article To Know How To Track Your Phone. Additionally, You Will Never Lost Your Phone When Yo Read These Secrets That I Have Provided Free For You. And Also, In This Article, You Will Learn How To Track Your Phone Easily, Let’s Dive In Now.

Ways Of Tracking A Stolen Or Missing Phone Phone

How To Find Your Stolen Phone

There Are Many Ways To Track Your Stolen Phone. Moreover, Many Of The Ways Are Free And Legit. Please Note: You Will Only Use These Methods Only If You Take The An Immediate Action After When The Phone Has Been Stolen. And Also, You Can Track Your Phone By Using Two Methods:

  1. Track Your Phone Using IMEI
  2. Find Your Phone Using Email
  3. Track Your Phone Usine Phone Number

These Are The Two Main Ways In Which You Can Track Your Phone Easily, But There Are Additional Ways:

How To Find Your Phone By Using IMEI

Tracking Through IMEI Is The Most Common Way Of Tracking Phones. But, Not Anyone Is Allowed To Track Using IMEI. To Track Your Phone Using IMEI, You Must Be A Security Agent Or Governmental Organization.

Moreover, You Can Also Use Istaunch Website To Track Your Phone.

How To Track Your Phone By Using Email

This Is The Most Popular Way Of Tracking Phones. And Also, You Can Track Your Stolen Phone Easily By Using This Method. By Using The Email Account On The Stolen Phone. (The Email Must Be Gmail Not Other Mails Like Hotmail, Yahoo, And Others).

Furthermore, These Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Track Your Phone Easily. Anyone Can Use This Method To Find His/her Stolen Phone. Here Are Some Steps To Follow;

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Step 1 – Download The Find My Device App From Playstore

Go To the Playstore And Download the Find My Device App Using Your Friend’s Android Phone. And Also, Ensure That The Phone Has A Good Internet Connection With High-Speed Ram.

Step 2 – Install And Sign In As A Guest

Secondly, From Your Friend’s Phone, Install The Application. Then, Launch The Application. And Also, The Application Will Give You Some Options. Either To Sign In As A Guest Or To Use The Phone Email. Use The Sign As A Guest Option.

Step 3 – Log In And Detect Your Stolen Phone

Log In With Your Gmail Account (Which Is On The Stolen Phone). From The Screen, You Will See The Location Of The Phone With Three Options Given.

Erase The Device
This Option Will Erase The Device. Anything On The Phone Is Going To Be Lose. And You Will Also Lose Access To The Phone.

Secure The Device

This Option Will Allow You To Set A Password On The Phone. You, Will, Create A Password And Add Your Phone Number On The Lock Screen.

Play Sound
Maybe You Are Suspecting The Device Is In Your Area. Or The Theft Is Within The Area. Clicking This Option Will Make The Device Ring Even If The Phone Is Switch Off.

How To Track Your Phone By Using Phone Number

In Conclusion, To Track Your Stolen Phone Using Your Phone Number, Read This Article. But, Tracking A Phone Through This Way Is Very Hard. You Can Also Track Your Phone Through This Way If You Are A Security Agent Or Have Relations With The Network Provider. Moreover, Many Of These Apps ‘Phone Tracker’ Using Phone Number Are Fake.

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