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How To Succeed Your Business Using SWOT Analysis

This article contains some ways to succeed in your business using the SWOT analysis method in just simple steps. As popularly known, SWOT Analysis is used mostly by people who want to start a new business. Let’s dive into the article…

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Steps On How To Start A Business Using SWOT Analysis

Here are the steps you need to know when starting a new business using the SWOT analysis method, Explained.

How To Conduct A SWOT Analysis For Your Business

Business Research Unisg Swot Analysis

The First You Need To Do Is To Analyse Your Business Using SWOT Analysis Tool. Furthermore, SWOT Analysis Can Help You Determine The Strenght, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats That Are Facing Your Business. This Method Can Help You Know The Future And Current Situation For Your Your Business, Easily. The Strenght And Weakness Referred To As Internal Factors, The Characters Within Your Own Control. While The Opportunities And Threats Are External Factors That Have An Impact On Your Business Which Are Not In Your Control.

In Addition, SWOT Analysis Process Can Be Made By Personal Businesses, Team Businesses, And Professional Businesses. And Also, SWOT Analysis Can Helps You Discover New Solution To Your Business Problems, And Deciding The Best Action You Need To Take On.

When Conducting A SWOT Analysis, The First Thing You Need To Do Is To Determine The Strength Of Your Business. Analyze What Is Under Your Control Like Your Team, (If) Your Experience, Your Financial, And Processes. Also, You Need To Ask Yourself Questions When Determining The Strenght Of Your Business:

  • What Will Make Me Unique And Became Different From Others?
  • What Do Customers Or Visitors Will Praise For Me?
  • What Can Give Me An Advantage Over Others?

When Conducting SWOT Analysis For A New Business, The Second Thing You Need To Determine The Weakness Of Your Business. In This Analysis You Need To Analyze The Negative Things That Are Within Your Control Which Will Put You At The Disadvantage Over Others. And Also, You Need To Ask Yourself Questions When Determining The Weakness Of Your Business:

  • What Update Or Improve Will I Bring Into This Business?
  • What Do Customers/Visitors Need To Improve On?
  • What Are Things I/We Need To Avoid?

Moreover, When You Want To Conduct An Analysis On Your New Business, You Also Need To Determine The Opportunities Of Your New Business. Opportunities In SWOT Analysis Is External Factors Of Your Business, Which Are Not Within Your Control. In Addition, When Making This Analysis You Need To Analyze On The Positive Things That Are Outside Your Control, And They Could Have An Effect On Your Business. So Also, There Are Three Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Determining The Opportunities Of Your Business:

  • What Are The Technical Or Technological Trends That Could Give You An Advantage?
  • Are There Any Laws, Policies, Or Economic Situation That Are Working In Your Favor?
  • Are There Any Active Programs That You Can Leverage?

In The Other Hand, During The Business Analysis Using SWOT Analysis, The Last You Will Conduct Is Threats. In SWOT Analysis, Threats Are Problems Facing Your Business Products That Are Out Of Your Control. These Threats Can Be Caused Effects On Your Business. Additionally, During This Analysis On Your Business, There Are Three Questions You Also Need To Ask Yourself:

  • What Are The Technical Or Technological Trends That Could Affect You Negatively?
  • Are There Any Laws, Policies, Or Economic Situations That Could Negatively Impact On You?
  • Are There Any Marketing Financial Risks That Could Be Affecting You?

Firstly, You Need To Do The Target Your Audience. (Depend On The Location You Want To Advertise).

Secondly, Use The Best Social Media Platform. Because This Way Is The Main Way To Advertise Your Product Online. Especially On Facebook.

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Moreover, Based On Our Research, We Have Found That More Than 30% Of The World Population Are Using Facebook. And Also, The Most Popular Country With High Users Of Facebook Is India. Additionally, It Has More Than 340 Million Active Users.

And Then, Followed By The United States. With About More Than 200 Million Active Users.

Accordingly, You’ll Be Able To Understand Where Are You Going To Target.

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Moreover, After Targeting An Audience. The Next Thing To Do Is To Find Where Are You Going To Advertise Your Product And Service.

Is It An Internet Or Online Organization? Which Everyone Can Join Around The World. Or It Is Just A Business For A Specific Country. If It Is A Business. Examples Like, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Or Other Business Places. Therefore, No Need To Advertise It Over The World. But, If You Have Enough You Can Advertise It. Especially, To Those Visitors Visiting Your Area.

Thirdly, You Need To Provide A Plan And A Budget.

What Is A Business Planning?

Planning Means A Target Where You Want To Start And Where You Want To End. For Example, The Amount Or The Salary That You Are Going To Pay Your Workers.

What Is A Business Budget?

A Budget Means What Are You Going To Spend And What Are You Going To Get As Your Profit. You Maybe Record It, And You Are Spending What Is On The Budget Book.

Problems When Starting A New Business In Nigeria

Here Are Some Problems When Starting And New Business.

Note This When Starting Your Business. It Is Not Possible That You Must Get A Profit For The First Time. You Must Lose.

Furthermore, You Must Get Complaints From Different Customers. But, Don’t Take It As A Failure, Don’t Give Up When Starting A Business. Take It As A Motivation To Move Forward.

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For Example, Companies Like, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, And Other Successful Big Companies. They Got Many Challenges Before Succeeding Today. So By This Don’t Think You, Will, Not Be Challenged. You Must Be Challenging And From There You Will Know Your Mistakes. And You Can Correct Them.

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