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Ummi Rahab Biography, Photos, Marriage, And Phone Number

Ummi Rahab Biography, Birthday, Ummi Rahab Photos, Age, Net Worth, Family, Ummi Rahab Phone Number, Movies, Ummi Rahab Marriage (Husband), And Her Role In Kannywood 2022.

In This Article, We Brought You The Biography Of Ummi Rahab, Photos, Age, Net Worth, Family, Birthday, Phone Number, Movies, Boyfriend (Husband), And Also, Her Role In Kannywood 2022.

Ummi Rahab Biography – Data

Full Name: Rahama Salis.
Place Of Birth: Kaduna, Nigeria.
Birthday: 7th April 2004.
Relationship: Married
Husband: Lilin Baba
Education Level: Secondary.
Profession: Actress, Singer, And Model.
 Official Social Handles: Instagram, TikTok.
Skin Color: Beautiful (No Bleaching)
Family: Father (Salis).

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab Is The Youngest Nigerian Hausa Actress (Kannywood) And A Model. Furthermore, She Is Among The Beautiful Actresses In Kannywood. Additionally, She Was Born In Kaduna, Nigeria.

Furthermore, Ummi Rahab Was Born On Wednesday, 7th April 2004 (17 Year In 2022). And Also, She Is One Of The Most Popular Actress In Kannywood. Additionally, Ummi Rahab’s Real Name Is Rahama Salis. And Her Father Is Salis.
She Was Born And Raised In Kaduna.

In Addition, She Completed Both Primary And Secondary School In Kaduna State. And Later, She Joined Kannywood Film Industry When She Was About 9 Years Old. Her First Movies Was ‘Kin Zamo Takwara Ummi’. The Movie Became More Popular Because Of Her. From Then, Adam A Zango Adopted Her As His Daughter.
Adam A Zango Is Her Boss, From The Beginning Of Her Career.

Moreover, He Always Uses To Advice Her On Her Daily Activities. And Also, She Use To Call Him Father, And He Calls Her Daughter. but Later, A Squirrel Broke Out Between Them, Which Leads To Their Separation.

Ummi Rahab Net Worth

Ummi Rahab Net Worth

In 2022, Ummi Rahab Net Worth Was Estimated To Be Around N10.3 Million. Which Is $25 In The United States Currency.

Moreover, She Is Among The Top 20 Of The Most Richest Kannywood Actresses.

Ummi Rahab Family, Education & Movies

Her Father Had Died Since When She Was A Child. Her Mother Later Admitted Her To Kannywood Film Industry.

She Did One Movie Which Is ‘Kin Zamo Takwara’. And Later Returned Home To Continue Her Studies.

Based On Her Uncle, Nasir, From His Statement Last Year. Her Father And Her Mother Are Living In Saudi Arabia.

Ummi Rahab Age

According To The Above Biography, The Actress Is 17 Years Old In 2022. Because She Was Born On Aril 2004 On Wednesday.

Ummi Rahab Phone Number

Ummi Rahab Phone Number

Ummi Rahab’s Phone Number Is +2349070613079. You Can Call Her Or Contact Her On WhatsApp For Business Promotions.

There Is A Special Phone Number To Call Her. And Also, There Is A Special WhatsApp Number Provided.

Furthermore, You Can Invite (Booked) Her For Your Business Advertisement. Moreover, She’s Available To Business Adverts At Cheaper Price At Every Time You Want. Just Contact Her On Instagram.

Additionally, You Can Email Her Or Call Her Directly. There Are Special Business Hours You Need To Know Before Calling Her. Note, Do Not Call Her In The Night Or Early Morning.

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Ummi Rahab Marriage

Ummi Rahab Marriage

In 2022, The Kannywood Actress Ummi Rahab Got Married To Lilin Baba, One Of Her Colleagues In The Kannywood Industry. After The Marriage Ummi Rahab Stopped Appearing In Movies And Video Songs.

You Can Also Download Wakar Auren Ummi Rahab Da Lilin Baba 2022.

Ummi Rahab Boyfriend (Husband)

Additionally, Her Boy Boyfriend Is In The Kannywood Industry Too. And Also, They Crush On Each Other, They Love Each Other. But, She Has Not Yet Revealed Who Her Boyfriend Is. Based On Online Gists Research, She Is Is Still Single, And Also Not Searching.

Ummi Rahab Photos

These Are The Hot Photos Of Ummi Rahab In 2022 And Some In 2021. And Also, Most Of The Photos Are Uploaded On Instagram. Moreover, Some Photos Together With Her Family.

Ummi Rahab Kannywood

Ummi Rahab Gallery

Ummi Rahab Family

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab Beautiful Kannywood Actress

Ummi Rahab Amarya

Ummi Rahab Age

Hausa Lady

Hausa Girl Smiling

Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab With Her Friends

Ummi Rahab Standing

Ummi Rahab Pictures

Ummi Rahab Photos

Ummi Rahab Phone Number

Ummi Rahab Nigerian Actress

Ummi Rahab News

Ummi Rahab New Photos

In Conclusion, This Is All About The Actress, Ummi Rahab.

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