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Maryam Ab Yola Biography

Maryam Ab Yola Biography, Maryam Ab Yola Photos, Age, Maryam AB Yola Phone Number, Family And Career In Kannywood Industry, Tarihin Da Zafafan Hotunan Maryam Ab Yola, And Who Is Maryam Ab Yola.

The Biography Of Maryam Ab Yola

Maryam Abdullahi Bala, popularly known as Maryam Ab Yola. She was born in Adamawa state (North-East of Nigeria). And also, she was born and rise in Yola North. Additionally, she was born on 25th December 1995.

The actress lives in the Nigerian capital city, Abuja. where she runs her business with some of her family. Furthermore, she’s the CEO/Founder of Ab Yola Beauty Skin Care, and Ab Yola Foundation.

Maryam Ab Yola Skin Care

Maryam AB Yola Biography Career

The actress is one of the most beautiful Kannywood actresses. And also, anyone in the industry loves her. Furthermore, the heroine has many fans all over the world. Because of her beauty and kindness, she got support and fans. Additionally, she started filming in 2012. And then later got married to her colleague Adam A Zango in 2013, and later their marriage eventually ended.

However, in 2020, the actress announced she was leaving the film industry. She left without giving any reason, only apologizing to her loved ones.

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Maryam AB Yola Movies

She appeared in different movies (films), and most of them are part of the most popular movies in Kannywood. See the information, we listed them below:

Movies Year Rated
Mujadala 2018 4.6
Hafeez 2018 4.8
Yar Siyasa Not Rated
Nass 2013 Not Rated
Fauwax 2019 4.3
Matarmu Ce 2018 4.1
Dan Takara 2018 Not Rated
Zainil Abidin Not Rated
Zainab Ali 2019 3.7
Wutar Kara 2019 3.9
Hikima 2018 Not Rated
Jaruma Ta 2018 4.1.

Maryam Ab Yola Net Worth

Maryam AB Yola’s net worth is estimated to be $17,000, which is N7 Million in Nigerian currency. But, she is not mentioned as the top 10 richest Kannywood actresses. Because we will not consider her as part of the Kannywood family, best on Online Gist’s report,

Maryam Ab Yola Net Worth

Maryam Ab Yola Phone Number

Here is Maryam Ab Yola’s phone number 09060580027. And also, if you want to buy her products Ab Yola Skin Care, she will be available for you. For skin lightening, or skin glowing, acne, pimple, knuckle, stretch mark, and other skin diseases.

Maryam Ab Yola Phone Number

How Old Is Maryam Ab Yola?

Maryam Ab Yola is 26 years now. And also, she was born in the year 1995, on Monday 25th December. At Adamawa State, Yola North Local Government Area.

Who Is Maryam Ab Yola?

She is a Kannywood actress, a model, and also a businesswoman. In addition, she’s the ex-wife of Adam A Zango (The Prince of Kannywood). Additionally, Maryam is among the most beautiful women in the Kannywood industry.

Maryam Ab Yola Photos

Moreover, As she is part of the most beautiful actresses, here are some of her beautiful photos provided.

Maryam Ab Yola Pictures

Tarihin Maryam Ab Yola

Matar Adam A Zango

Maryam Ab Yola

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Maryam Ab Yola Photos

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Maryam Ab Yola Biography

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Maryam Ab Yola And Maryam Yahaya

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Maryam Ab Yola Adam A Zango

Maryam Ab Yola

Maryam Ab Yola

Maryam Ab Yola

Beautiful Kannywood Actress

Actress Maryam Ab Yola

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