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Nazz B Yola

Nazz B Yola Biography And Music 2022. Download Nazz B Yola Songs, Free Hausa Music, Nazz B Yola Photos, And Movies, New Hausa Album 2022.

Nazz B Yola is one of the famous and upcoming artists in Adamawa State. He was born and raised in Yola, Nigeria. Additionally, he’s a songwriter/singer, entrepreneur, and Kannywood actor.

Nazz B Yola played an excellent role in the Adamawa state music industry by participating and winning awards. Furthermore, he is one of the most popular singers in Adamawa State and the other parts of the country.


Nazz B Yola is a songwriter, actor, performing artist, and entrepreneur. Furthermore, his original name was Anas Isa. Additionally, Nazz B Yola was born in January 1997. He was born in Adamawa State in the town of Jimeta. Moreover, he completed his primary school in 2011 and later joined secondary school. He was now in a higher institution.

Music Career

He started his music career at 14 when he was in secondary school. After that, he came up with the idea of becoming a musician in life. Currently, the singer has sung more than thirty songs. Moreover, the singer is known for singing Hausa songs and wedding songs, and he is a well-performing artist.

Moreover, the singer is also one of the Kannywood actors from the branch of Adamawa State Film Makers. After appearing in the movie Kujerar Wuta.

Nazz B Yola Songs

  1. Dakon So
  2. Zafin Kishi
  3. Mai Laya
  4. Dana Sani Keya
  5. Kin Tafi Kin Barni
  6. Wasika
  7. Hamrah
  8. Amira Ce
  9. Da Soyayya Ake Rayuwa
  10. Masoyiyata

Nazz B Yola Photos

Here are some beautiful pictures of Nazz B Yola;

Nazz B Yola, During His Visit, Arewa Modern Singers.

This Photo Was Shoten On January 2021, During His Birthday At Jimeta, Yola.

Dakon So Music

NBY Awarded In 2018.

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