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Maryam Yahaya Biography, Photos 2022, And Phone Number

Maryam Yahaya Biography, Read Maryam Yahaya Photos, Maryam Yahaya Family, Maryam Yahaya Phone Number, Tarihin Maryam Yahaya, Beautiful Kannywood Actresses 2022.

Maryam Yahaya is one of the popular Kannywood actress. And also, she was born and grew up in Kano State, Nigeria. From the local government Goron Dutse Kano. Additionally, she completed her secondary School at Bokab Barracks Secondary School, Kano.

Maryam Yahaya Biography

Full Name Maryam Ibrahim
Date Of Birth July 1997
State Of Origin Kano State
Marital Status Single
Father & Mother Ibrahim & Rukayya Bello
Net Worth $100,000
Places Visited Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ghana, Niger, And Others.

Maryam Yahaya Biography in Kannywood

Picture Of Maryam Yahaya

Maryam Yahya was part of a young actress (Following Ummi Rahab). And also, one of the most beautiful actresses in the Kannywood industry. She joined the Kannywood industry in the year 2016. And her first movie was Gidan Abinci (2016). After entering the Kannywood industry.

Maryam Yahya Career and Lifestyle

Maryam Yahaya Sickness

Maryam Yahaya has been interested in filmmaking since she was a child.
Her parents were 100% supportive of her idea, especially her mother Ruqayya. Moreover, she was well accepted by the King of Kannywood, Ali Nuhu, Adam a Zango (the prince), Nuhu Abdullahi, and others.

Maryam Yahaya’s popular movie was Mansoor. Furthermore, Mansoor is one of the popular movies in the Kannywood industry. The movie ‘Mansoor’ was directed by Ali Nuhu. Moreover, Maryam Yahaya is the actress featuring Hausa popular songwriter and actor Umar M Sharif.

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The actress has been cast in the movie Mansoor, which was produced in 2017. Additionally, she is one of the main characters in the film, and she played her role perfectly. Moreover, Maryam Yahaya is part of the richest Kannywood actress in 2022.

Maryam Yahaya appears in over 30 movies. And also, most of the movies are popular in the Kannywood industry.
Some movies include Mansoor of 2017, Maria 2018, and Mujadala 2018.

Maryam Yahaya Phone Number

Maryam Yahaya Real Phone Number

Maryam Yahaya’s phone number is +234907061XXXX. You can give her a call or directly send a message on WhatsApp for a booking or appointment.

Maryam Yahaya Biography – Movies

Here is the list of all Maryam Yahaya movies.

Movies Year
Mansoor 2017
Hafeez 2018
Gidan Abinci 2016
Mujadala 2018
Mijin Yarinya 2017
Jaruma 2020
Mariya 2018
Gidan Kashe Awo 2018
Jummai Ko Larai 2018
Sareena 2019
Wasiyya 2020
Tsakaninmu 2021
Wutar Kara 2020
Makota 2021
Amaryar Kwana Daya 2021

Maryam Yahaya Family

Maryam was born into the family of Bello Kano. Maryam Yahaya’s father is Ibrahim and her mother Rukayya Bello. They are both from Kano. Additionally, she has 3 sisters and four brothers.

How Old is Maryam Yahaya?

Maryam Yahaya will be 24 years old after celebrating her latest birthday on July 17, 2022. Despite her advancing years, Maryam Yahaya is still the star of the show for Kannywood.

Maryam Yahaya Net Worth

Maryam Yahaya’s net worth was estimated, and she has about $100,000 in 2022. Additionally, that makes her among the richest Kannywood actresses.

Maryam Yahaya Photos

Here are some beautiful photos of Maryam Yahaya 2022:

Beautiful African Actress Maryam Yahaya

Biography Of Maryam Yahaya

Hotunan Maryam Yahaya

Maryam Mother

Maryam Yahaya Boyfriend

Maryam Yahaya Family

Maryam Yahaya Hausa Actress

Maryam Yahaya Kannywood

Maryam Yahaya Movies

Maryam Yahaya Phone Number

Maryam Yahaya Photos

Maryam Yahaya Sickness

Real Maryam Yahaya

Photos Of Maryam Yahaya

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