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Ummi Karama Biography, Photos, Family, And Phone Number

I’m sharing information about Ummi Karama Biography of the Labarina Series in this article. Ummi Karama Photos, Ummi Karama Phone Number, and Family. And also, you’ll know some secrets about her. Please follow and read these carefully.

Ummi Karama Labarina Biography

Ummi Karama Biography

Ummi Karama was born in 1997 in Kano State, Nigeria. She is part of the stunning actress in Kannywood. Ummi Karama is 24 years old. Additionally, she was born on Thursday, 17th April 1997.
Ummi Karama was born and raised in Kano. She has completed primary and secondary school in her father’s land (Kano). She’s Hausa by the tribe. She didn’t yet continue to college or another university, and then she joined the Kannywood movie industry in 2020.
For years, Ummi Karama has lived with her family in Kano State.
Ummi Karama’s real name is Aisha, which is her grandmother’s name.

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Film Career And Kannywood

Ummi Karama Official

Ummi Karama is one of the most popular and stunning actresses in Kannywood. Additionally, she is among the richest actress in Kannywood. Indeed, she’s famous in Nigeria and some other parts of African countries.
Moreover, Ummi Karama has become more popular in the movie Labarina Series. This is her first show in the Kannywood industry. As generally known, she’s acting as the sister of Kamal, who fell in love with Sumayya (Nafisa Abdullahi).

Who Is Ummi Karama

Popular Hausa Actress

Ummi Karama is a Nigerian beautiful Hausa actress. She is a model and one of the most popular and stunning actresses in Kennywood.

How Old Is Ummi Karama?

It has been revealed that Ummi Karama of Labarina Series is 24 years old in 2022. And she was born on Thursday 17th April 1997.

What Is The Real Name Of Ummi Karama?

People are asking about the real name of Ummi Karama. We have finally revealed that Ummi Karama’s real name is Aisha Muhammad Kano.

Ummi Karama Net Worth

The Kannywood actress Ummi Karama’s net worth is estimated to be around $8,500 in 2022. Which is 4.6 million in Nigerian Naira in 2022.

Ummi Karama Labarina

Ummi Karama Labarina is an African actress, a model, and part of the most popular in Kannywood. She is among the upcoming and beautiful Kannywood actresses.

Ummi Karama Movies

These are the list of Ummi Karama movies;

  1. Labarina Series
  2. Kabilun Mu
  3. Ke Duniya Series
  4. Gidan Danja
  5. Bakin Aure
  6. Wa Na Kama
  7. Yan Zamani
  8. Inada Dalili
  9. Daga Nine
  10. Oga Omato

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Profile, Status In Details

Full Name Aisha Muhammad
Date Of Birth 17th April 2022
State Of Origin Kano State
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Acting, Advertising
WhatsApp Number Click Here
Net Worth $75,000
Social Accounts Instagram, Facebook
Spouse Amina, Maryam, Babangida
Language Spoken English, Hausa
Movies 13

Ummi Karama Phone Number

African Dress

Ummi Karama’s phone number was given here +2348064555****. You can only contact her for business and promotional issues.
Moreover, she doesn’t have time for any conversation. You will only contact her for business deals. And also, she is not ready for dating (Love).

Ummi Karama Photos

Here are some beautiful, hot, and attractive photos (pictures) of Ummi Karama.

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Ummi Karama Movies

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Ummi Karama Family

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Official Ummi Karama

Ummi Karama Birthday


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