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The Biography Of Momme Gombe, Photos, Phone Number, And Marriage

Read An Article About Momme Gombe Biography, Momme Gombe Photos, Momme Gombe Phone Number, Momme Gombe Net Worth, And Momme Gombe Marriage, Kannywood, And Age.

Momme Gombe Biography

Real Name: Maimuna Abubakar

Place Of Birth: Gombe State

Date Of Birth: 11 July 1999

Relationship Status: Single

Parents: Abubakar (Father) and Amina (Mother)

Occupation: Dancing, Acting, and Politics

Favorites Food: Dan Wake

Favorites Dressings: Hausa Fashion Design

Favorites Places: Saudi Arabia, The United States (California, Florida), London.

Spouse: Hamisu Breaker

Momme Gombe Biography And Photos 2022

Maimuna Abubakar is professionally known as mommy Gombe. She is an African actress and one of the richest and most beautiful Kannywood actresses in 2022. She was born on 11 July 1999 in Gombe State, Nigeria.

Momme Gombe is a dancer, actress, and model. Additionally, she is among the upcoming actresses in the Kannywood industry.

She joined the Kannywood industry in the year 2014 and later got married. Her husband divorced her, and she rejoined the Kannywood industry in 2018.

She was popularly known for the Jarumar Mata video song, with Hamisu Breaker in 2018. She becomes more popular, and some people even call her Jaruma because of the video. Moreover, the video got millions of viewers and audiences around the world.

Furthermore, the actress mostly appeared in music videos (dancing). She mostly appeared with some of the famous actors in the Kannywood movie industry, like Adam A Zango, Umar M Shareef, Hamisu Breaker, Auta MG Boy, and the rest of them.

Moreover, the actress also appears in some of the trending and popular Kannywood movies (especially web series movies).

Momme Gombe Net Worth

African Hausa Actress

In 2022, Momme Gombe’s net worth is estimated to be around N9,000,000. And also, that makes her become among the top 10 richest Kannywood actresses in 2022.

The actress also owns a car Honda EOD (Price N8000,000), and also a house in Gombe state.

But she currently lives in a hotel in Kano, Nigeria.

Momme Gombe Phone Number

Here is Momme Gombe’s phone number: +234907061***. This number is free for anyone, you can contact her on WhatsApp or call her for business, appointments, and promotions.

Career, And Lifestyle – Momme Gombe Biography

Beautiful Hausa Actress

Momme Gombe is a humble and respected actress. She is a soft and simple-minded person. She’s beautiful with sexy eyes and black skin color.

Additionally, she’s beautiful even without makeup. Additionally, the actress stated she is not interested in makeup, and she is still beautiful. In fact, Momme Gombe is a naturally beautiful woman with a soft body, long hair, and sexy eyes.

The actress is loved by anyone in the Kannywood industry. She is kind and lives in joy and happiness.

She joined the Kannywood industry with the help of her mentor, Usman Mu’azu. He is a producer and also a director in the Kannywood industry. He supported and debuted her in some of his movies.

On the other side, many of the famous directors, producers, and musician in the Kannywood industry supports Momme Gombe. And her first movie was Sunan ka.

Hamisu breaker is her best friend in the Kannywood industry. And also, they like each other and mostly appeared in music videos together. Hamisu Breaker is a professional artist and songwriter in the Kannywood industry.

In addition, the actress is interested in joining the Kannywood industry since she was young. And also, she attends and plays some drama in a secondary school, some of her classmates call her Jaruma.

The actress was born in Gombe state, and she was grown up in Gombe state. She has completed her primary and secondary school in Gombe.

Furthermore, the actress stated that her best wish in life is to get a good husband who can take good care of her.

Momme Gombe Real Name

Momme Gombe’s real name is Maimuna Abubakar, she got the name from her grandmother, and her father used to call her Momme.

Momme Gombe Biography

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Momme Gombe Movies

This is the list of movies in which the actress appears;

  1. Sunan Ka
  2. Akaka (Web Series)
  3. Maimunatu
  4. Shakundum Comedy Series (Sultan Film Factory)
  5. Zainabu Abu
  6. Kwalla (Hausa Web Series)

Appearance and Favorites

Momme Gombe mostly wears Hausa fashion design clothes, called ‘Atamfa’. And also, she is not interested in makeup.

Momme Gombe’s favorite food is ‘Dan Wake. Dan Wake is a Hausa traditional food that is made with ‘Kuka and a flower.

Mummy Gombe’s favorite places are Saudi Arabia, Makkah Germany, London, Dubai, and the United States.

Momme Gombe Family

Momme Gombe Children

She is from the family of Mallam Abubakar Gombe. Additionally, she lost her mother in the last 4 years.

Momme Gombe’s husband; After her marriage to her husband, Adam, she is now single. And also, she’s leaving with some of her sisters in Kano state.

Momme Gombe Photos

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Conclusion – Momme Gombe Biography

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