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Airtel In Nigeria

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Airtel is one of the popular telecommunication networks in Nigeria with more than 85Million active users in 2022. Moreover, the network company is one of the cheapest and easiest network providers in Nigeria. Furthermore, Airtel Company was started on 5th August 2001, in Nigeria. Airtel was the first GSM network service in Nigeria, formerly known as Econet (Zain), and later changed back to Airtel in 2014.

Ways Of Recharging Airtel Line (Number)

There are three major ways of recharging the Airtel line, these are;

  1. Recharging using PIN
  2. Recharging through bank
  3. Recharging from myAirtel app.

Recharging Using PIN

This is the popular way of recharging airtime in Nigeria. About 70-80% recharge their lines by using a PIN which is provided by the company. Moreover, there are 17 pin codes on the Airtel recharge card, which is sold by any Airtel agent everywhere.

To recharge your Airtel line, you must purchase the PIN and dial; *126*Pin Number# and send, you will be credited instantly with the amount you purchased.

Recharging Through Bank

Many people recharge their Airtel line through direct bank transfer codes. According to our research, about 20-28% of Airtel customers recharge their lines through the bank, either through the mobile app or by using the USSD code which is provided by the bank.

To recharge your Airtel line from the bank, you must first have a bank account. (See How To Create A Bank Account On Your Phone). And secondly, use the bank transfer code and the amount you want to recharge. For example, I am using a guaranty trust bank, and I want to recharge N500; Dial *737*500# and then send.

Recharging From MyAirtel App

MyAirtel app is a mobile telecommunication application provided by the Airtel Company. Additionally, the app was created for everyone who is using the line for easy utilization and line management. And also, you can also link your Airtel line with NIN on myAirtel mobile app, borrow airtime, recharge airtime, buy data, transfer airtime, and many more.

You can only recharge your line on myAirtel app when you have an ATM card (for any bank). Additionally, this way is very hard and sometimes very risky.

Airtel Secret Codes

There are some secret codes on Airtel you need to know as a user. Moreover, these codes will help you manage and utilize your line easily, and also, get more airtime bonus on every recharge.

Additionally, the codes will also help you in purchasing the cheapest data plans on Airtel.

Airtel Recharge Code *126*PIN#
Airtel 6x Bonus Code *555*PIN#
Airtel Borrow Credit Code *500#
Check Airtel Balance Code *123#
Buy Airtel Data Code *141#
Check Airtel Data Balance Code *140#
Airtel Nightlife Bundle Code *412#
Airtel Customer Care Line 111

Airtel NIN Linking

Airtel Free Airtime, Airtel Secrets Codes, Airtel NIN Linking, And Airtel Free Data

In 2019, the Nigerian government (Ministry of communication) ordered any citizen of the country to link his/her number with NIN, for security and investigation purposes. Some people failed to link their Airtel lines and were later blocked by the ministry.

If your Airtel line is blocked, here are some steps you need to follow to unblock your line;

  • Become a Nigerian citizen by registering with the NIMC. You will get your 11 digits NIN number within a week.
  • Dial *121*1# on your phone.
  • Insert your 11 digits NIN number and send.

Your line will be activated within a week, in sometimes it takes only 24 hours to unblock.