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Pookalam designs have their main origination from the South of India, and thus, it carries a tinge of its festivities throughout. Pookalam is usually designed on occasions like Onam and each of them are decorated and designed with utmost perfection. All such Rangoli designs carry their own uniqueness and opulence and add charm to the place when completed impeccably.

Colourful Pookalam Rangoli Designs For Onam 2022:

Following are some of the exclusive pookalam Rangoli designs, all of which are definitely eye-catching:

1. Orange and Different Yellow Shades:

This pookalam design has immense opulence and breathtaking finishing. The Rangoli constitutes bright colours and women love to make such a design, especially during the festival of Onam. Small diyas have been placed on the outer borders of the pookalam, which adds more brightness to the design. A beautiful combination of orange and different shades of yellow has been used so as to make the Rangoli look enthralling.

2. Circular Pookalam Design:

This Rangoli Design constitutes three circular borders, which has been impeccably designed with different colours. The shading has been done beautifully and a variety of flower petals have been used to decorate the Rangoli. This Rangoli design has a velvety touch because of the soft flower petals used in it.

3. Triangular/Square Borders Inside:

This pookalam Rangoli design consists of a circular outer border and triangular/square borders within. It contains both flowers and Rangoli powder for decoration and the combination assists in making the pookalam look lavish and captivating. Yellow, orange and green are the primary colours used along with white and mauve, which are used at the centre.

4. Long Diya Stand Placed At The Centre:

A long diya stand has been placed at the center of this pookalam design and flowers have been used to decorate the Rangoli. Several swirls have been drawn at the center that ultimately for circular motion and the diya has been placed thereafter. The gaps in between the swirls have been filled up with a different design.

5. Four U Shaped Patterns:

This Rangoli is simple yet elegant and the decoration has been done in such a way so that it looks deep and heavy. Beginners may give this design a try and without any shadow of a doubt, they will end up making this pookalam perfectly. Four U-shaped patterns have been drawn and a simple combination of orange, yellow, green and mauve has been used.

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6. The Boxes, Triangles And Octagon Borders:

It is extremely fascinating and enchanting and requires utmost perfection in order to look outstanding. The boxes, triangles and octagon borders give it a sharp and unique look, while the colour combination used also gets along well. The wise combination of bright and deep colours adds contrast and appeal to this pookalam Rangoli design.

7. Simple Freehand Design:

This is a very simple design and can be drawn freehand as well. It is suitable for beginners who crave simple yet attractive Rangoli. There are several circles (excluding the dot) in this pookalam, each with different width and flower colour. This design may be made using Rangoli powders or different coloured seeds as well.

8. Lord Ganesh In The Center:

An enthralling drawing of Lord Ganesh has been made at the center of this pookalam design. Lord Ganesh has been designed impeccably using white Rangoli powder, while a different pattern has been used surrounding it. Petal-like features have been drawn outside the inner circle, making the entire interior look like a beautiful flower.

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9. Symmetrical Pattern:

This Rangoli design follows a symmetrical pattern that is a little difficult to follow. Light colours have been used to fill the interiors, while the borders have been filled with deep colours like black and green. The small flower-like design has been made at the center with white and yellow-coloured petals.

10. Pink Lotus At The Center:

It is a solely flower-based pookalam comprising five different flowers. There is a huge pink lotus at the center and different coloured flowers and merging to form a circle. The entire set-up of flowers looks charming and opulent and this pookalam can be easily made as well. However, this design should comprise only fresh flowers in order to maintain its elegance.

11. Lord Krishna Pookalam Design:

A huge figure of Lord Krishna has been drawn using the Rangoli powder, while the borders and outer designing has been done using innumerous flowers. This pookalam requires a large space in order to be impeccably designed. Further, a Flower Rangoli has been designed outside the main pookalam and a diya stand has been placed at the center. The Rangoli comprises a flower design using a combination of orange and yellow colours.

12. Diya Pookalam Rangoli Design:

This design comprises a Diya, which is decorated using flowers. Three circles have been drawn, each of which contains a different pattern that fills up the entire circle. Yellow, orange, red, white and pink are some of the various coloured flowers used in this pookalam. The centre has been designed in such a way so that it looks like a spark, which indirectly seems to radiate from the Diya.

13. Beautiful Om Rangoli for Onam:

‘Aum’ is considered to be a very spiritual and holy word/symbol. It has huge importance and significance and thus, people use it in pookalams, so that it brings luck and peace. This Rangoli can be easily designed by any beginner and consists solely of flowers. The ‘Aum’ has been inscribed in a circle and has been very beautifully drawn using purple flowers.

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14. Women In 8 Different Positions:

This is quite a very difficult design comprising of a lady in eight different positions. All the eight ladies face somewhere else and each of them has been perfectly drawn, implying the same lady with a different posture. Though this pookalam involves immense hard work, the result is truly applaudable and worth a watch. The entire work has been encircled, while the design at the centre is yet again bewitching. The entire work is exclusive that speaks for its own self and its exclusiveness takes it to a new level of excellence.


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