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Have you ever heard of or come across hobo bags? While some fashion experts and lovers may know or own hobo bags, it is still an understated fashion accessory in the contemporary world. These bags are a style of handbags that are large and are designed taking inspiration from a bag or sack used in ancient times in American culture. They are always trendy, give out a classic look, and are especially perfect for women who always look out for more space in their handbags. If you haven’t seen hobo bags for women, this guide will help you. Keep reading to know more.

Hobo Bags and Their Features:

  • Hobo-style handbags are typically larger and can be distinctly differentiated from shoulder bags.
  • While you may get confused about what is so different in them from the usual shoulder handbags, the hobo bags have thicker straps and are distinct in shape.
  • They are crescent in shape, with a long strap and often tend to slouch down.

Stylish and Different Types of Hobo Handbags in India:

The hobo bags appear to be very stylish when carried. The bag doesn’t require any particular occasion to match the outfit. Here is a list of the 15 latest canvas hobo bag designs for women and girls.

1. Coach Leather Hobo Bag:


When we think of hobo bags trending this season, we can’t skip over this most stunning and new-release handbag. The hobo leather bag from Coach is a designer wear special bag that gives you luxurious and sophisticated vibes. The white hobo bag is made with the genuine leather; we cannot miss this. What do you think?

  • Design: White Coach Leather Hobo Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Care: Store it in a clean and dry environment. Clean it only with a dry cloth.

2. Gucci Canvas Hobo Bag:


Another designer handbag we have today is from Gucci. The Gucci medium-size hobo bag is a perfect choice for women who loves multipurpose wear. The handbag looks stunning, suits women across age groups, and is ideal for various occasions. It is spacious and comfortable and does not compromise an elegant feel.

  • Design: Gucci Hobo Canvas Handbag
  • Material: Textile
  • Care: Clean only with a dry cloth, and store in a clean, dry environment.

3. Michael Kors Shoulder Hobo Bag:


Tell us one person who does not adore Michael Kor’s handbags! We love this beautiful shoulder hobo bag from the brand. This is one of the top fashion statement accessories to own now; if you are a fashionista, you may not want to let it go. The bag has a huge centre zip compartment, nine other sides, and slip-on compartments.

  • Design: Michael Kors Shoulder Hobo Bag
  • Material: PVC
  • Care: Store only in a clean and dry environment.

4. Long Crossbody Hobo Bag:


This tan brown hobo bag may impress you if you want a budget-friendly choice. The crossbody hobo bag is sure a one-of-a-kind piece that will mesmerize you. The long hobo bag features genuine leather material with two inside pockets to let you have ample space for your belongings. This is indeed among the trending affordable yet stylish hobo bags right now.

  • Design: Tan-Brown Long Crossbody Hobo Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Care: Clean only with a dry cloth.

5. H&M Small Hobo Bag:


His H&M small hobo bag is a perfect and apt fit for you to accompany your casual or regular outings and parties. If you want a classy, elegant, sophisticated look yet do not want to budge over or negotiate the quality component, the H&M beige hobo bag will meet your requirements. The bag does not take up much space yet gives an equally classy look.

  • Design: Black H&M Hobo Bag
  • Material: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe only with a dry cloth.

6. Lavie Hobo Large Bag:


This Lavie hobo bag is distinct and unique. The mesmerizing and charming blue-greyish colour and enchanting feel and look give us a perfect contemporary vibe. The bag is a stunner and magically delivers a vibrant, elegant feel. It is spacious and will always be ready to accompany you to errands or outings.

  • Design: Lavie Hobo Bags
  • Material: PU
  • Care: Wipe with a clean and dry cloth to remove dust.

7. Baggit Checks Hobo Bag:


Hobo bags may be all multipurpose wear, but most women do not wish to defy and take them to the office or workplaces. But these checked-design Baggit hobo bags have changed the course of the fashion world with this contemporary-looking lovely design. The check geometric printed hobo bag is a perfect accompaniment to your workwear and will make you look stylish too!

  • Design: Burgundy And Silver-Toned Geometric Design Hobo Hand Bag From Baggit
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Care: Clean with a dry cloth only.

8. Fossil Hobo Bag:


Talk about sustainability; we do not find many accessories on its name. But this Fossil hobo bag is one such a kind. The brown bag is made in genuine leather, with recycled polyester as the inner material. It is spacious, equally comfortable and does not compromise on giving you the classy, feminine and sophisticated feel. Do you agree with us?

  • Design: Brown Women’s Fossil Hobo Bag
  • Material: Leather
  • Care: Clean the bag with a dry cloth only.

9. Caprese Textured Hobo Bag:


Are you bored with the regular hobo bags? Adding this textured hobo bag to your collection can bring a vibrant look. The blue-textured hobo bag from Caprese is the new trendsetter. The textured design brings on an elegant and classy seamless feel and is a perfect choice to give you the rich and elite feel.

  • Design: Caprese Blue Textured Hobo Bag
  • Material: PU
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean and dry cloth.

10. Vintage Floral Hobo Bags:


We also have the vintage-looking classic hobo bag design for your liking. The floral blue women’s hobo bag imitates and reminds us of the vintage, ancient, timeless look. The floral design will always be the top favourite for women, and the bag’s design imitates the Indian ethnic feel.

  • Design: Blue Floral Vintage Hobo Bag For Women
  • Material: Canvas
  • Care: Clean and wipe the bag with a dry cloth.

11. Embroidered Hobo Bags for Women:

Hobo embroidered bags are exclusively different from other types of bags. The bag has beautiful flowers embroidered on it in amazing colours. The bag has a long strap to carry it on the shoulders easily. It changes the look of a woman when held in her hands.

12. Brown Leather Hobo Bag:

The bag is made from a very soft material, and the almond colour of the bag makes the bag appear very trendy and smart when carried. The bag has cute fringes hanging along with the strap, thus adding more looks to the bag. The bag is perfect for daily and a smart bag to carry to offices.

13. Canvas Black Hobo Bags for Teens:

As black always looks stylish and classy, this hobo bag appears similar. The front of the bag has stylish pleats, and the same has been carried to the straps, thus making the bag appear very cool when carried. The bag is a great choice for evening parties or any hangouts with friends or family.

14. Leather Shoulder Straps Hobo Bag:

The bag is designed with high, fine, quality faux leather and has flashy metallic closures on the front. The bag has a gorgeous braided strap, thus enhancing the bag’s looks when carried. The bag has enough space so that you can store your essentials safely.

15. Designer Branded Hobo Bags for Women:

Some women are brand conscious and want to hold a bag that is da brand designs hobo bag stands perfect for them. The branded bag is designed to keep the bag’s functionality in mind, making it comfortable and easy to use.

Hobo handbags are in wide varieties, colours, sizes and patterns to match your fashion and practical needs. The bag allows you to still use the purse as a functional and mark a fashion statement. These bags are soft, flexible materials and tend to slump when you set them down. The hobo bag is one of the most popular and highly demanded accessories among women.


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