By | September 3, 2022

Ultimate Guide To Check JAMB Result Online 2022

After writing your JAMB exams in about 2-3 weeks, all the results are going to be released. But unfortunately, many of the students are suffering when it comes to JAMB result checking online. Actually, a high number of JAMB candidates are getting it hard to check their results online. Thus, this article covers anything on how to check your result online for free, that’s why we have titled the article Ultimate Guide to Check JAMB Result Online 2022.

So also, if you are part of the JAMB Candidate 2022, and asking ‘How can I check my JAMB result?’ You don’t have to worry again because after reading this article you will get covered in everything.

At the end of the article, you will be able to; check your JAMB result online, know the online JAMB result checker website, check your JAMB result on your phone, and know the ways to check your JAMB result. So, let’s dive into the article…


JAMB Result

After writing the JAMB examination, the next thing is waiting for the JAMB result. JAMB result takes about 2-3 weeks to be released, in some cases, it took a month and days to be released. Thus, after releasing the result officially announced from the JAMB office, you need to check your own immediately to avoid the expiration of the JAMB result. JAMB result really expires; it expires within 1 year after writing it. So, you need to check and proceed to your school registration to avoid time up.

Ways Of Checking JAMB Results

There are two ways in which you can check your JAMB result. You can check your result online using the provided website. And also, you can use your phone messaging app to check the result by sending an SMS to the provided number.

  1. Online Result Checking
  2. SMS Result Checking

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How To Check JAMB Results Online

Firstly, to check your JAMB result online, you must be a candidate (that is, you must have your registration number, email address, and registered phone number). These are the required materials needed when checking your JAMB result online.

Then secondly, go to the JAMB result checker website by visiting then input your phone number, or email.

Finally, your JAMB result will pop up with the subjects you wrote and your scores.


How To Check JAMB Result On Your Phone (Using SMS)

There is a provided number by JAMB that is used to check JAMB results by sending an SMS. After sending your details as SMS to that provided number, you will get a reply with your JAMB result scores in seconds.

To check your JAMB result using SMS, use your registration line (phone number) and send your Registration number to this number 55019. You will receive back a reply containing your JAMB scores. But a charge applies using this method, it costs N50 per SMS.

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Final Words

Finally, that is how you can check JAMB results in 2022 for free. If you didn’t understand any section or have your own additional question to ask, meet in the comment box below, we have time to respond to your questions immediately. And also, if you have any add up or problem, you can contact us.

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