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Hello and welcome to, in today’s article, am going to be writing on Alex eala’s complete biography including his real age, parents, social media accounts, networth and generally all that you need to know about Alex eala.

Alex eala biography

Alex eala biography

Alex eala’s full name is Alexandra maniego eala, she hails from the phillipines. She is a professional tennis player who competes very well in the game, she was born on the 23rd of may 2005 and came out second best in ITF’S junior ranking in 2006.

On the first of August in this year 2022, she Alexandra eala reached the peak of her career in the singles ranking coming out 280 in the whole world as according to (WTA) women tabble tennis association.

She surpassed many of her counterparts like maricris gentz in the game and became one of the highest ranked female Filipino singles player in the history of the WTA.

Noli eala

Career at the junior level

Alex eala came out victorious as 14th position in the 2018 Les Petit competition, she also won the under-tournament at age 12 where she won against linda noskov√°.

Shecompeted for the first time at the 2019 us open junior level grand slam tournament.

She has been honoured with so many awards including the Milo junior athlete of the year in 2019.

Alex eala in conjunction with priska madelyn nugroho came out victorious over Matilda mutavdzic and Iva Falkner in the girls double competition of 2020.after going to the semi finals at the girls singles competition 2020, she reached another high coming out as second in the junior rankings. Another significant victory of eala was at the clay court in Paris.

Alex eala career

Alex eala celebrated her heritage on their Independence day by paying tribute to her ancestors. She and her Russian counterpart Oksana Selekhmeteva recently came out victorious as they won the French open, they partook in another competition and came out victorious, defeating amarrisa Kiara toth(Hungary) and Maria bondarenko (Russia) in the championship match. Their scores were 6-0, 7-5


The following below are her performance at the doubles and singles of the grand slam.

1. Junior grand slam singles

  • Wimbledon ( 2021)2R
  • Us open (2021)F
  • French open ( 2020) SF
  • Australian open ( 2020) 3r

2. Junior grand slam doubles

  • Wimbledon ( 2021)2R
  • Us open (2021)F
  • French open ( 2020) W
  • Australian open ( 2020) W

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Alex Eala’s professional career

On March 4th 2020, she defeated her opponents and won her first professional match In the itf’s women circuit, she also competed at monastir to win $15k as a junior reserve.

Eala and Oksana selekhmeteva were defeated by oana georgeta Simeon and Justina mikulskyte when they reached their first itf double final together in the final match of the $25,000 platja tournament in Spain, their scores were: 3-6, 5-7. This was her first appearance in an it’d double championship challenge.

Alex eala family members

Family members


As at the time this biography was written, rumor on social media has it, she has no husband at the moment. read on to find out more interesting information about this wonderful woman.



the name of Alex eala’s father is Mr Mike eala.


The name of her mother is Mrs rizza maniego eala.

What is Alex eala’s Networth

Alex eala has a combined networth of $5,000,000

Alex eala networth


She likes traveling and playing tennis.

Date of birth

Alex eala was born on the 23rd of may 2005

Social media profiles of Alex eala

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Alex eala’s height

Alex eala is 1.75 metres, 5 feet’s and 9 inches in height.

Frequently asked questions

Is Alex eala related to Noli eala?

Yes! Alex eala is the niece of the former commissioner of the phillipines basket ball association and psc chairman noli eala.

Is Alex eala left handed

Yes! Alex eala is left handed.

What is the height of Alex eala

Alex eala is 1.75 metres tall

Alex eala photos

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Alex eala tennis

Alex eala height

Alex eala photos

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