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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review am going to be revealing all that you need to know about the legitness of this earning platform called

About is a website where you can make money online through by performing some simple social tasks like playing games online, downloading and reviewing apps, partaking in surveys, watching videos on their website and earning commissions.


Url availability on Google: This website’s url is available and also functional on google search engine.

 SSL certificate information: This website is protected with an ssl certificate that shields it from spam attack or unauthorized access by third parties.

Availability of Contact pages: This website has all the necessary contact pages, like About is and contact us.

Social media accounts: Thus Website lacks all relevant social media accounts.

CEO information of

According to my thorough research carried out by me and my team on this website, I found out no information regarding the CEO of this Website, I think he hid his information for security reasons and maybe to also avoid spam. review: legit or scam

Country Restrictions

This website is available to all countries that are interested in making money on this website, the only and simple thing to do is to g to this website’s url and start making money immediately.

How works

For you to be able to be a member of this website and earn real dollars daily on this platform, you first have to be a registered member and to do this, you’ll need to follow the steps which I’ll be dropping in a bit.

After registering for an account, you can the go down to the tasks section and perform all the available tasks for this Website.

Gather your dashboard points until they are upto 200 dollars which is the withdrawal threshold of this website, request for withdrawal via your dashboard and then your earnings would be sent to your bank details in 24 to 48 hours.

How to make money on this website

The following are the means which you can follow to make dollars in this website.

1. Testing apps: in this method, all you need to do is to look for apps on the tasks panel, download them in your phone and test, once you’re done, you can then submit for confirmation.

2. Playing games: This is another way which you can make money in this Website as all you’ll be needing to do is to just play games which would be brought to you by this website.

3. Sign-up bonusses: once you register on this website, you’ll automatically be given a particular amount of money as your sign-up bonus.

Your dashboard would be credited with $35 instantly once you register.

4. Surveys: this platform pays it’s members 100 dollars per survey, all you need to do is to complete the survey with honest answers and make cool money.

5. Watching videos: once you watch a new video on this website, you automatically get rewarded with money to your dashboard, it can be converted to real money anytime you want.

6. Referral: This is the most lucrative means of making money on this website as all you’re going to be needing is just to share your referral link to as many as would like to make money on this website like you and convin e them to register through your link, once they do they, you automatically be credited with $15.

Note that this website is very strict when it comes to dealing with referrals so do not think you can outsmart them with your craftiness cos your account might get banned for invalid activity.

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How to sign-up on 

To register for a new account on this website, you need to follow the steps below:

Is legit or scam

1. Visit their website which is available at

2. Reach for the login or sign-up page and then go to the sign-up page, fill in the empty fields with all the required information and then hit the sign-up button.

How to login to your dashboard

To login to your dashboard, follow the steps;

1. Go to their website url above

2. Go to the sign-in page

3. Fill in your username and password in the empty fields

4. Hit the sign-in button.


To refer and make extra money on this website, all you need to do is to go to your dashboard and copy your referral link, share it to all your social media friends and them.make them register through your link, once they do this, you’ll automatically get credited.

How to make withdrawal

To make withdrawal on this website, you have to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 100 dollars and then go to your dashboard to complete the steps below.

1. Update your payment settings

2. Hit the withdrawal tab in your dashboard and fill the fields with all the necessary information like how much you’ll like to withdraw and all that, hit withdraw now. payment proofs

Ad at the time that this review was written, there were no payment proofs from this website, we’ll try and update this article as soon as we get proofs of payment.

Pros and cons of


  • Higher earning prospects
  • Good Website Design
  • Nice earning structure
  • Multiple payment options


  • No contact information
  • No CEO information
  • No email verification

Is legit or scam is a very big scam, please do not bother wasting your time or data connection working for this Website because at the end you’ll get nothing in return.

I and my team have tested this website and found it to be a very disorganized scam, do not fall for this!


Thanks for stopping by to read my review on this platform called, read more reviews from our team.

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