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Hello and welcome to, in today’s artist, am going to be discussing all the you may need to know about this Nigerian politician and former governorship aspirant ( abdulsalam abdulkarim) the brain behind as zaura.

AA zaura Biography

AA zaura which is short for abdulsalam abdulkarim zaura is a former governorship aspirant and a nigerian politician in Kano state Nigeria, he is the founder of the AA zaura foundation which has its headquarters in Abuja at plot 259, Samuel ademulegun avenue, 900211.

AA zaura Biography, Networth


  • Full name: abdulsalam abdulkarim zaura.
  • Real age: unverified
  • Date of birth: 16th July
  • Networth: $500,000.—-$800,000 as at 2022
  • Educational background: kano state polythecnic Kano state.

AA zaura Career

abdulsalam abdulkarim zaura was born in dakata of kano state Nigeria, his parents originally originated from ugogo local government of zaura babba town in Kano state.

Abdulsalam abdulkarim zaura attend primary, junior secondary and senior secondary education in zaura babba, he also studied at government technical college baguda in kano state if which he graduated in 1944, after which he then proceeded to study mechanical engineering at the kano state polytechnic.


While still in school, abdumalik developed interest in solid mineral business and decided to venture into it as a full time business. He also ventured into inport and export of solid minerals, oil and gas, cars and general commodities.

AA zaura later furthered his education by acquiring a master’s degree from Roberts Kennedy colleg, Salford University of Manchester in financial management services in the year 2016.

AA zaura scholarship

He is currently studying government and public administration in baze University abuja.

AA zaura contested in the green political party in the year for the governorship position of kano state but didn’t win, he has offered scholarships worth 200 million naira to indigenes if kani state whi are studying in Nigeria.



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