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Hello and welcome to, in today’s Review, am going to be walking you through all that you need to know about this online earning survey app, do well to read this review carefully so you won’t miss any important information which I’ll be sharing.

About sagapoll app

Sagapoll app is a platform where anyone especially Africans can make money on by sharing their experience and opinions about different topics and then get paid for it.


  • Company name: sagachi research
  • Name of app: sagapoll
  • Type of platform: survey app
  • Registration fees: free
  • Minimum payout: $20

Sagapoll app review

How sagapoll app works

To make money on this website, you first have to be a registered member of this website and then follow the steps below.

1. Go to the tasks section and perform all the available tasks

2. Share your referral link and make money through commissions

3. Withdraw your earnings as soon as it gets to the withdrawal threshold.

Installation and registration

This platform has an Android app that works on Android devices, after installation, you can then register using your google account

Completing your profile

You need to setup your profile correctly for you to get the desired results. Complete the basic and personal questions like your name and all other information required.

Note that you’ll need to grant this app all permissions requested because this’ll make you get good surveys according to your location.

Tasks available on sagapoll app

The following below are the various tasks available on the sagapoll app for earnings and getting commissions.

1. Answering surveys: This is the main way to earn money on this website, to do this, you first need to login to your dashboard and then reach for the survey section which is available on your dashboard, answer all the available surveys with genuine and correct information and then you’ll get paid for it.

2. Referral: This is another very good way of earning money on this platform, to do this, you need your u ique referral link which is available on your dashboard. Copy your link and share to interested individuals who also wish to make money on this platform like you, make them register through your link and then you’ll automatically make commissions.

Is the sagapoll app legit or scam

Pros and cons of the sagapoll app


1. Availability of quick and quality surveys

2. Availability of surveys for anyone

3. Welcome bonus of 100 points


1. Withdrawal threshold of $20 too high

2. Poor survey bids

3. Shortage of surveys

4. PayPal unsupported

How you get paid on sagapoll app | how to withdraw

There are many ways which you can withdraw your earnings from this website but to do this, you have to get a minimum of 5,000 points which equals $20 and then you can request for your money which would be deposited in your account.

Is sagapoll app legit is a legit platform and is massively paying out to it’s members presently, the only downside which many are complaining about is the fact that there is a shortage of survey which makes them earn little, making it almost practically impossible to withdraw their earnings.

Is sagapoll paying

Yes sagapoll is paying out to it’s members, you just need to follow all relevant steps and you’ll be good to go.



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