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Hamamat montia Biography

Hamamat montia is a ghanian beauty queen, model and entrepreneur, she is the former miss maliaka queen.

Hamamat montia Biography


  • Full name: Hamamat montia
  • Date of birth: July 22nd 1988
  • Age: 34 years
  • Occupation: model, beauty queen, entrepreneur.
  • Networth: $5,000,000
  • Nationality: ghanian

Hamamat montia networth

Hamamat montia,s early life and education

Hamamat montia was born and raised in Ghana, she attended achimota school then, she hails from bolgatanga, in the upper region of ghana by stunch business oriented parents.

Hamamat montia age

Hamamat montia Personal life

Hamamat montia isn’t married presently but she has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy ) from her former husband which she divorced some years after their marriage.

Hamamat montia children


Hamamat montia was accused in November 2011 for stealing a Toyota Highlander 4wd which at that time worthed $350,000, she was dragged to court.

According to her, the car was a birthday gift from her former alcoholic boyfriend who always maltreated her then, she could no longer bear the pains anymore and then she decided to end their relationship, she them met her husband who she claimed treated her very well.

Hamamat montia arrested

She left her ex in Finland and returned back to Ghana to start a fresh life, in the year 2015, the court made a verdict that vindicated hamama montia and it was then clearnto the world that she didn’t steal the car.

After all these happened, she couldn’t afford city life and then decide to relocate to the village, and that was how she went into her present business which is selling body products and Shea butter.

Hamamat montia Career

Hamamat montia began her career as a model earlier on in life, she was elected and won miss malaika in the year 2016, she also won the model of Africa in the year 2017.

Achieving all this feats, she became very very popular in Ghana, other African countries and the world at large, she later decided to go into the Shea butter business, she also sold handmade products.

She produced two main products which were the Safari Shea butter and golden Shea butter, these products were helpful in curing eczema, anti inflammation, moisturizing dry skin, healing wounds, relieving sunburn, stopping muscle aches, wounds, swelling and aches.

She created a website where you can access all these products especially the nemsa healing herbs and order if you want to, this website is accessible at

She later on created a museum, a spa and also a village market where anyone including strangers can go to for purchases and ordering of services using the hamamat’s nature’s homemade products.

According to her, her mission was to preserve acient culture and as well create jobs for the people in her community.

Social media accounts

The following are hamamat montia’s social media handles:

1. Twitter:iamhamamat

2. Instagram: iamhamamat

Hamamat montia photos

Below are some of the photos of hamamat montia.

Hamamat montia photo


Hamamat montia age

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