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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review, am going to be talking about all that you need to know about this platform known as

In this review of, we are going to be discussing maily on the following; how this website works, how to register on this website, how to login to your dashboard, tasks available on this platform, and most importantly, wether is legit or scam. review


About is a platform where you make money on by completing simple and easy tasks on their website, some of these tasks are: downloading games, playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, referring and earning commissions.



  • Url availability: This website’s url is available on Google and other search engines.
  • Performance: This website has a nice design and is responsive.
  • SSL certificate information: This website has a valid and working ssl certificate that helps prevent spam.
  • Contact channels: This website doesn’t have and contact channels presently.
  • Social media accounts: This platform doesn’t have any contact means for now, we’ll update your guys as soon as we get information about it.
  • Accessibility: This Website is available in every country of the world.

CEO information of

The Information of the CEO of this platform has not been released yet, this may be because the management of this platform do not want to reveal their information.

How works

As I said earlier, this website is a platform where you can make money on doing the following:

1. Playing games: In this method, you only need to play games that’ll be brought to you by this website.

2. Testing apps: You can also make money through this platform via their testing platform, to do this, you have to go to the app testing section and then select any available task.

3. Watching YouTube videos: This website has a feature that allows it’s users to make money via their platform by watching YouTube videos that are made available on their website.

Is legit or scam

How to register

Follow the steps below for signing up on this platform:


1. Visit this website and hit their sign-up page.

2. Fill in all the required details in the spaces provided.

3. Click on the sign-up button.

How to login to your dashboard

Follow the steps below for signing in to this website:

1. Go to this website

2. Go to the login page

3. Fill in your username and password

4. Hit the sign-in button.


Referral & referral earnings

You can make money on this website via their referral scheme, to do this, you need your referral link which is available on your dashboard.

You’ll need to copy it then share to interested individuals who also would like to make money on this website like you.

Make them register through your link and then get daily commissions.

How to withdraw your earnings

To withdraw you earnings from this website, you first need to attain the minimum withdrawal amount which is 100 dollars.

Login to your dashboard and then fill the withdrawal form, after which your earnings would be sent to the information provided by you in the withdrawal section.

Payment proofs

There are no payment proofs from this website for now, this is due to the fact that this website is still fresh and not too many people have used this website yet.

Is legit is not a legit platform, you won’t make any money from them so do not waste your time.

This website is a Ponzi scheme and possibly an Information harvester that could use your inputed information for illegal purposes so I’ll advise you not to invest anything in this website.

Do not also use any vital information while signing up on this website.

Is scam is a full blown scam, they have created many other websites that looks exactly like this, do not waste your time cos you won’t make any dime from them.


Thanks for reading my review, see you in our next article.


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