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Hello and welcome to, in this review, am going to be walking you through all that you need to know about this nft trading platform that is accessible at


According to the information on their website, claims to be an nft trading platform where you partner with them and showcase your brands and products (nft’s). They claim to have 2 million plus products and 2 thousand plus artists.

On this platform, you can create, collect and sell your nfts

Features of this platform

  • Creators of the week: In this section, you’ll get to see the top creators who performed very well during the week.
  • Creation of nft’s: As a registered member of this platform, you can create your own nft’s on this website.
  • Live auctions: In this section, you get to see nft’s that are up for sale at that moment.

How works

For you to use this platform to make money, you first have to be a registered member, and to do this, I have written down the detailed steps on how you can register on this website below. review

There are two types of accounts available on this website, they are the creators account and the other is the collectors account.

Creators account: This is a type of account on this platform where only creators of nft’s are allowed into.

Collectors account: This account type is for those who only wish to upload their nft’s and sell on this website.

After registering as either a creator or collector, you can then choose your next action from either uploading your NFT’S for sale or creating one on their website.

How to register for an account

Follow the instructions below for signing up on this website:

1. Once you reach the landing page of this website

2. Fill in your full name, email address, enter and confirm your password.

3. Hit the sign up button

How to login

1. Go to this website’s landing page

2. Click on the login button

3. Fill in your email and password in the provided spaces

4. Hit the sign-in button.

How to upload your NFT’S on

Follow the steps Below to upload your NFT’S to

  • Go to this website @
  • Go to the login page
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the drop down menu on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on the “my collections” button
  • Fill the NFT upload form with the necessary details: full name, email address, upload your nft from your computer.
  • Accept their terms and conditions
  • Drop any comments in the box provided
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Pay up your gas fee and then wait for your NFT to be considered.

How to upload your NFT'S on

How to create an NFT on

Follow the steps below for creating an NFT on

How to upload nft's on

  • Create an account or Login to your dashboard
  • Use the tools below your dashboard to create your NFT’S.

How to deposit funds into your dashboard

Follow the steps below if you wish to deposit funds into your dashboard

How to deposit on

1. After logging in

2. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right side of the screen

3. Hit the deposit button which is available in the drop-down

4. Scan the barcode or use the wallet address available to deposit funds into your dashboard.

How to withdraw funds from this website


1. Login to your dashboard

2. Go to the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen

3. Click on the withdraw button in the drop-down

4. Add your withdrawal information ie. Your ethereum wallet address, email address and withdrawal amount in the fields provided.

Is legit

We’ll not be able to conclude on wether is legit for now, this is because this website is still new and not too many people have used this platform yet.

Is scam

No! cannot be tagged a scam because it’s still new and no one has complained of being scammed by this platform yet.


Thanks for stopping by to read my review of, see you in our next review.

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  1. mikael anger

    it’s a big scam….. i make a mistake, 2 upload nft same, it’s dupplicate… i contact them by chat…. and ask to remove all…. to make one new and finished… the guys said me (i have photo of this) i talk with him at 10h…. i received between 15h to 15h55… your photos are uploaded… you must to pay 300 dollars by each…. i was lucky to not make money on…. but the website is not professionnal, when you are connected, you make contact…. you fall in the 404 page…. you must to delog to find what’s app to have information…. you can not to remove nothing…. you have access for nothing…. no help, No faq…. SERIOUSLY…. Guys whe you see this site…. GO AWAY Quick

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