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Hello guys, I just decided  to write a review on this wonderful shea butter.

I can’t really pronounce the name, I just say come on but I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced something different anyways this is empty cuz I used it all but this is the shea butter Safari shea butter African skin care 100% natural.

Hamamat montia Shea butter

This stuff is amazing as you can see I used all of it but I’m still using little scrapings on the side inside because it’s just I love it it’s very hydrating for the skin.

I’ll read what it says in the back. it’s a safari shea butter: Safari shea butter is made from the finest hand-selected shade that’s infused into a dreamy combination of garlic organic shea butter an indigenous west african herb

the website right here focus this there we go so it’s, as you can see it was handmade in Ghana West Africa 100% natural it says uses apart from giving your skin a youthful glow.

This shea butter is high in anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties which make it the best natural treatment for arthritis joint pains muscle aches bruising and swelling.

how to use

It says apply massage into skin or affected area excellent for body massage therapy, the ingredients says handmade raw premium shea butter with tea tree oil in indigenous west african herbs.

so you guys, this is the good stuff I definitely recommend it open it as you can see it’s empty but I’m still using a little bit of the scrapings on the sides of the container.

How to use hamamat montia Shea butter

This is actually 255 grams so it’s a decent size but a little goes a long way I use a lot of it usually on my legs and my feet that’s the part of my body that gets the driest so I usually I love using it on my feet it’s very hydrating especially now in the summer time I definitely recommend it.

I bought this a little while ago I bought the Safari shea butter and I also bought the cocoa butter I believe so yeah the cocoa butter I gave as a gift and then I did another order for the african black soap which is amazing as well I used that one on my face I wash my face with it every morning it is very drying so I usually put a cream on my face after it I use it but or you could even use this shea butter.

I’ve used it before my face but I’m telling you this stuff is amazing I’ll link the website below and I’ll also put the price because I forgot what how much it was it’s been a while since I bought it but I wanted to do a YouTube review on it because it’s amazing and I love Safari shea butter I’ll be ordering some more soon.

Hamamat montia Biography

thanks for reading my quick review.
The lady that started it it used to be a model, she’s from Ghana. Her name is hamamat montia, that’s where this company is based Ghana in Africa and she used to be a model and then she opened her own skincare company so pretty awesome take care of you guys bye.

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