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Hello and welcome, we’ll be answering the following questions in this review: how it works, how to make money on, who is the CEO or and most importantly wether is legit or scam. Read this review properly to get all that you need to know about

About is a platform that deals mainly on forex trading, they claim they’ll be able to make forex trading easier for you.

According to the information available on their website, they have a trading robot that was we’ll developed and designed to minimise losses on their path 75% success rate. All you need to do is to purchase one of their popular plans, invest in it, let them trade for you and then you’ll make daily profits.

Another very easy way to make money on this website is by referring people, I’ll be explaining this in detail later. With this website, even new born babies can make money through forex.

CEO information

For reasons best known to the management of this website, they didn’t disclose any information concerning their CEO or any member of their team.

This is risky because this is an investment platform and the management or owner of this platform may decide to swindle you and they’ll get away with it because no one knows who he is or how to contact him.

Is legit or scam

How to make money on

To make money on, you have to first be a registered member, and to do this, I have written down a list of steps you need to follow.

After registering, you can then proceed to the trading section where you need to deposit money into your account for staking, after staking, you can then predict where the chart moves to wether up, down, legit or right.

You can use your beta engine bot for higher success rate of upto 300% . To start using this bot you have to deposit a minimum of R50.

How to refer and earn real money on

To refer and earn money on this website, you first need to be a registered member. After registering, you can then proceed to you dashboard where you’ll need to copy your referral link share to people who are also interested in making money investing like you. For every member you refer that registers through your link on this website, you’ll be rewarded with r15. real or fake


When was created was registered a long time ago but started their operations in the month of September, precisely on the 20th.

How to sign-up on

Follow the steps below for signing up on this website:

1. Go to this website’s homepage

2. Click on the start trading button

3. You’ll be taken to the sign-up page where you’ll need to input your personal information in the provided fields.

4. Hit the sign-up button and that’ll be all.

How to login

Go to this website’s login page and input your username and password then click on the sign-in button.

How to withdraw your earnings from this website

To withdraw your earnings from this website is very simple, all you need to do is to go to the

Withdrawal pahe, input all your financial settings like your account information and the rest, hit the cashout button and that’s all.

Remember that your earnings must be upto R50 for you to be able to request for withdrawal.

Is legit or scam cannot be tagged a scam platform because it seems like a cool platform and no one has complained of being scammed by them so I think it’s worth a try.

Make sure you don’t invest more than what you can afford to loose on this website to avoid heartbreaking losses.


Find out all that you need to know about, including: is legit or scam  Real, genuine, paying

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