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Forextrading and automatic forex trading robots have become the order of the day as so many platforms are springing up on a daily basis, in this review, we’ll be discussing on the legitness of an automatic forex trading platform called review

In this review, ill be discussing all that you need to know about this platform including but nitli ited to how to earn on this website, how this platform works, …. I’ll most importantly answer the question: is legit or scam.

About is a digital currency and foreign exchange trading platform which with the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence, helps you trade cryptocurrency by buying currency pairs at low prices and sell them at higher prices thereby minimising possible losses.

This platform allows you place fast orders within every 4 hours, you can also trade upto six times a day. is a trading bot created with a set of programmes that are designed to automate crypto trading on your behalf by buying and selling cryptocurrency at the correct time and price.

When radoncap was created was created in the month of September, precisely on the 16th day.

CEO information

There is no available information for the CEO of this website as he didn’t drop any of his information for the general public.

Is as much as this may be done to avoid spam, it’s still a redflag on their path because, investors may find it difficult investing in this platform.

How to start making money

To start making money on this site, you need to first register, after registering, you can then fund your account with your choice amount.

The radoncap bot empties your account every 4 hours and then trades with the money to generate profit that can be withrawn after the next 4 hours and 5 minutes.

To activate your robot, click on the menu button which is available on your dashboard and then hit the pay button, you can either fund the robot from your dashboard earnings or direct deposit.

The minimum deposit/trading amount for this website is $10 and you subscribe every month. Another means of earning through this website is through their referral program which I have explained below.

Referral and referral earnings

To begin referring and earning money on this website, you need to first be a registered member, after which you can then copy your referral link which is available on your members dashboard.

share out your link to people who are interested in making money online through this website like you, make them register through your link and them make a percentage of their deposits.

Is legit or scam

How to register

To register on this website, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to from your browser

2. Click and go to the sign-in page

3. Input your personal details in the provided fields

4. Hit the sign-up button

How to login

1. Go to this website’s sign-up page and then navigate to the login page.

2. Fill in your login credentials in the provided fields and then hit the login button.

How to withdraw accumulated earnings

To withdraw your earnings, you need to first meet their minimum withrawal requirement of $5 after which you can then go to the withdrawal page to input the amount of money you’ll like to withdraw and then finally hit the withdraw button.

Is legit or scam is a recently launched platform and so we won’t be able to conclude on wether it is legit or a scam for now, we’ll update this article as soon as we get legit information on the legitness of this platform.



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