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Many online earning platforms are springing up on a daily basis, the problem netizens face most of the time is determining which is legit or scam.

in todays review, I’ll be walking you through and answering all your questions concerning

some of the questions I’ll be answering are: how works, how to make money on, who the CEO of is…… Most importantly is legit or legit or scam

About is a platform where you make money on by selling your internet connection , you set your price and then interested buyers buy from you. They claim to have

3384 Total Members, Paid a total of (R)4625, New Members: 1036

According to their website

We sell your internet in the form of bandwidth to our third party partners. Your Connection is then used for purposes such as vpn acceleration, and connection boosting.


1. Fast withdrawals

2. Flexible earning methods

3. Secured information

4. Active SSL certificate

5. Active telegram channel

CEO information

The management and team of didn’t reveal any Information regarding their CEO, although not too necessary, it’s still important.

When was launched was launched on an unknown date

How works

For you to start making money on this website, you first need to be a registered member of this platform and I have dropped down the steps for doing this Below.


After registering, you can then proceed by deciding on wether you would like to be on the free rank or premium rank, I’ll advise you to be on the free rank for safety purpose. If you have some money to doll out, you can try the premium rank although it’s a little bit risky.

In the free rank, you’ll have to refer a certain amount of people for you to be able to withdraw your earnings (reputation points) from your dashboard, you can also gather plenty of reputation points to upgrade to a premium rank; you can also buy at 1 Rand = 1 reputation point.

The lowest rank available on this website goes for R300 and youll be allowed to increase your bid to as high as 30 rands for 1 mb instead of the normal 5 Rand to 1mb for 1 star members.

Premium ranks available on and their prices

1. 2 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R30 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost R300

2. 3 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R60 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost R600

3. 4 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R120 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost R1200

4. 5 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R240 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost 2400

5. 6 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R480 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost R4800

6. 7 Star Ranking: you can Earn up to R960 per day, this plan Expires in 30 days and Cost R9600

How works

How to register

Follow the steps below for registering on this website:

1. Go to this website’s homepage via the link above.

2. Scroll down to the tail end of the page and hit the join us button.

3. Fill in the fields provided all required information and then finally hit the sign-up button

How to login

To login on this website, you have to g to the homepage first then hit the login button which is available on the landing page, fill in your username and password and then hit the login button.

How to refer and earn extra money on

Follow the steps below for referring and earning money.

1. Login to your dashboard on thiis website and copy your referral link which is available on this website, share it to your friends and family members who would also want to through this platform like you, make them register through your link and then make commissions of R2.

How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from this website, you have to do the following :

1. Make sure that you meet the minimum withdrawal amount of R150

2. Head to the withdrawal section of your dashboard and then fill in your account details , after which you’ll need to hit the withdraw button.

Is legit or scam

Is legit or scam is a legit platform and many people are cashing out on daily basis, you can also try it out but on the free plan, confirm it for a while before investing to avoid loosing your capital/investment.


Thanks for reading my mzansidatasell.yoday review, see you in our next Review

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