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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review article, am going to be walking you through all that you’ll be needing to know about this very amazing platform called

in this review, am going to be discussing the following: how this platform works, how to make.momy on this website, who the CEO of this platform is and finally wether is legit or scam. review

About is a platform where internet users make money on by visiting websites as publishers and then advertisers can get traffic to their website’s or affiliate offers when they order for traffic from this website.

This website is divided into the publisher and advertiser section.

Publisher: A publisher on this website is someone who registers on this website with the intention of earning money from this website by visiting people’s websites, they pay per website you visit and you can also withdraw your earnings instantly.

Publisher account on


  • Pay per visit
  • Instant payment
  • Vast withdrawal methods
  • Free and quick registration

Advertiser: an advertiser on this platform is someone who comes with the intention of buying website traffic by advertising his/her website on this website and getting direct traffic.

Advertiser on

you register and pay for your advertisement, your website would be spread to potential customers who may find solutions on your website.


  • Advertising your website at cheaper rates
  • Improve your on-site SEO
  • Low minimum deposit of $5
  • You only get to pay per clicks

How work’s collects advertisement jobs from the vast amount of it’s advertisers and share to it’s registered publishers who help them do the job of visiting these websites, they share the profit from the task completed at a certain percentage and then everybody leaves happy.

How to register as a publisher

To register as a publisher and make money through this website, you first have to go to this website @ and then reach for the drop-down menu which is available on the top right corner of your screen, click on the sign up button and then hit the publisher sign-up.

Input the following information in the fields provided: full name , date of birth, home address, city name, country of residence, postal code and phone number.

You can then input your email address and desired password in the next segment, select a security question from the ones available and then type in a security answer also, answer the question that follows, enter your referral code and then confirm humanity. Confirm you’re 18+ and then hit the register button.

How to register as an advertiser

Follow the steps below for registering as an advertiser who wants to increase traffic. Fill in your website’s url, enter your first and last name, enter your date of birth, enter your address, enter your zip code, enter your phone number in International format.

Input your email address and password in the next section, select a security question from the available ones, answer the question that follows enter a promotion/voucher code and then confirm humanity , confirm you’re 18+ and then hit sign-up.

What next?

After registering, as an advertiser you can register for a campaign, as a publisher you can start visiting websites and get paid.

Is legit or scam is 100% legit, many people have cashed out and many are still cashing out as publishers, I’ll advise you to give this platform a trial today.

For the advertisers, I think this platform is also delivering good services although I won’t be able to ascertain the quality of their traffic.

Payment proofs from

The following below are the payment proofs made available by people who have tried this website in real life. These are their testimonials. payment proofs

Payment proofs from

Conclusion is a website and earning platform where users can make money from ad publishers or get good website traffic from as advertisers.



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