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About Tom purcell

Tom purcell is an executive and a television writer who won the 7 primetime Emmy awards, he is famously known for his collaboration with Stephen Colbert in the production of the late show with Stephen Colbert an the Colbert show.


  • Tom purcell’s occupation: writer and producer.
  • Years of active service: 1986 till date
  • Works: the late show with Stephen Colbert.
  • Real age: unknown
  • Networth: unverified

Tom Purcell Biography networth

Tom purcell Awards

The following below are some of the awards won by the comedy star, Tom purchell.

  • Primetime Emmy award (outstanding writing)
  • Writers guild of America award (best comedy, variety talk series)
  • Primetime creative arts Emmy awards (outstanding writing)
  • television producer of the year ( live entertainment, variety, sketch, stand up and talk television)
  • Pga tv producer of the year award ( entertainment and competition)

Tom purchell’s early life and educational background

Tom purchell lived and grew up in St.josephs in Michigan Indiana (north of South bend), he graduated from st.joseph’s high school in the year 1985 wit a bachelor’s degree in from Loyola University Chicago.

He started writing comedy alongside schooling at St Joseph’s when he was only 15 years old, he had his own column in and served as a featured editor for his school comedy newspaper which was known as wind up at that time.

After purcell was done with college, he took a job at Loyola’s law library to be able to help him clear some of his bills while he attended classes and also worked on his comedy routine in second City Chicago.

Purcell wrote and performed with a resident theatre company called ( new age vaudeville) in the summer of the year 1987.

Tom Purcell later relocated to los Angeles, where he served as a story editor and writer for Cosby tv series between the year 1997 to 2000, he also wrote for the following television shows:

  • Run of the house
  • The daily show
  • Grounded for life

Tom Purcell age

Purcell later relocated to new yourk city in the year 2005 where he was being hired as a writer at the Colbert report in comedy Central, he later followed his boss to a program called CBE’s late show with Stephen Colbert.

Till date, Mr Purcell still serves as the executive producer of the late show with Stephen Colbert, he also oversees the writers of the show, he also helps in writing and polishing Colbert’s material.

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