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Wanelda farmer is an american comedian, television personality and actress who was born in Illinois Chicago in August of 1980, she is married to gary Ray farmer and she has a total networth of $3,000,000. She enjoys writing and sharing opinions to people.

Wanelda farmer Biography

Her younger brothers name is brandon though her parents are not yet known. She attended Chicago school. She decided to further her education so she enrolled in the university of Michigan and later graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology in the year 2015.


  • Full name: wanelda farmer
  • Husband’s name: Gary farmer
  • Networth: $3,000,000
  • Husband’s Networth: $5,000,000
  • Occupation: comedian, motivational speaker, social media personality, actress, YouTuber.


Wanelda farmer is married to gary Ray farmer, she did a change of name from the usual wanelda Antonia hansley to wanelda farmer immediately after she got married.

Wanelda farmer family

She is blessed with three beautiful kids ( Maverick, Willow and Ryder) which she often posts on her Instagram account.

Wanelda farmer Networth

Wanelda farmer has a total networth of $3,000,000 as at August of 2022.

Income sources

As you already know, wanelda farmer is a comedian, motivational speaker, Social media personality and she has numerous sources of income like her Facebook page monetization, appearances in TV shows etc.

Wanelda farmer networth


Wanelda farmer who is presently a comedian, tv personality and actress began her career as a nurse who worked at a nearby hospital to her house then.

She presently posts on her social media channels and vlogs about the following topics: relationship, motivation, finances and success; She also posts vlogs about herself.

Wanelda farmer and husband

She created her Facebook page named “the wanelda diaries”in the year 2015 where she shares most of her recent videos about life, she also has a YouTube channel that’s not too active at the moment.

Wanelda farmer networth

She periodically releases videos to her YouTube channel, mostly on Mondays to her motivational video series which she tagged motivation mondays.

She has made different appearances both in TV programmes and also events.

I’ll be embedding one of her YouTube videos below.

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