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Zeenat simjee Biography

Zeenat simjee was born in the year 1995, this means they, she is currently 27 years. She helped the japan rugby team to win the rugby world cup.

She is a South African citizen by birth; she was born and she grew up in South Africa.

Zeenat simjee Biography

She launched a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of the collaboration between athletic team leagues and nutritionist to help the improvement of overall performance of athletes.

Springboks men’s team made history in the year 2019 by becoming the first national team to employ a full time dietician for their players.


  • Age: zeenat simjee is 27 years old
  • Occupation: nutritionist and dietician
  • Networth: uncertain
  • Nationality: south Africa
  • Zeenat simjee boyfriend: Elton jantjies

Zeenat simjee Career

Zeenat simjee’s networth

Zeenat simjee works as a dietician on South Africa and so we’ll not be able to get her total networth..

Husband of zeenat simjee

Zeenat simjee doesn’t have a lover for now, she only has a lover and the name of her latest lover is Elton jantjies, Iva ristic is etlon jantjies ex wife.

Zeenat simjee networth

Educational background of zeenat simjee

Zeenat simjee graduated from greenside high school after completing a four year course, she joined the squash team and participated in athletics. she also served in the Johannesburg student council.

In the year 2013, she got her bachelor’s degree in dietics from stellenbosch university, the international Olympic committee also awarded her a post graduate diploma in sports nutrition.

Nationality of Zeenat simjee’s

Zeenat simjee is a citizen of South Africa, she acquired her citizenship by birth.

Zeenat simjee career

Social media

Zeenat simjee can be contacted via Instagram through the link below, you can also directly search for zeenat simjee on Instagram and get her.




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