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Hello and welcome to,in today’s review, were going to be discussing about the credibility and legitness of a platform called

in this review, were going to be discussing the following: how this platform work, who the CEO of this platform is, offline office information … Most importantly, is legit or scam.

About is a platform where you and me can go to and earn money by investing and getting profits in cryptocurrency. This website provides you with all the necessary information on crypto including market graphs, charts etc. Review: legit or scam

Read on to find out if is legit.

CEO information

After all our research carried out on this platform, we could not find out the information of the CEO of this platform on the internet, we’ll try our best to make more research and then update this article as soon as possible.

Offline office location

This platform does not have any offline office where you can contact them, the only way to contact them is via their support channel which is available on their website.

How works

This platform operates on a very simple manner, all you need to do to make money on this website trading cryptocurrency is depositing in a plan and then waiting for your trade to be completed. After this, you can then collect the proceeds from your investment as at when due.

How to register for an account on this website

Follow their simple and easy steps below on how to register for a free account on this website:

1. Go to the website’s url

2. Click on the user icon which is available on the bottom right hand side of the screen

3. Hit the register button and then fill in the blank fields with the following information: username, password, email address and withdrawal password, after which you can then hit the sign-up button.

Is legit or scam

How to login to your dashboard

To login to your trading dashboard on this website is very easy as a you’ll be needing to do is to go to the sign-up page and clicking on the login button, this is where you’ll input your username, password in the spaces provided, after which you can then hit the sign-in button.

How to withdraw your earnings

To make withdrawal of your earnings from this website, you first need to be a member that must have invested in one of their plans that must have been matured.

You can withdraw your earnings once they are ripe for withdrawal. To do this, you have to login to your dashboard and click on the withdraw button, after which you can then fill in the withdrawal form properly, after doing this, you can then hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs from

As at the time this review was written, there were no payment proofs available for this website, we’ll update you if anything changes. You’ll need to bookmark this webpage and check back later.

Is legit or scam cannot be considered a scam for now, this is due to the fact that it’s still new and no much activities have gone on on this site, we’ll try to update this article as soon as we get enough information and payment proofs from this website.


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