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Hello and welcome to this website. My name is Jerry and in today’s review, am going to be answering all your questions concerning this shopping website known as

read this review in detail because am going to be revealing interesting things about this website to you.

In this review, am going to be answering the following quick questions: how works, what it’s all about, how to place an order on this website, accepted payment options, return policy, items sold on and most importantly, is legit or scam. review

About is a shopping website where you can buy all your house hold needs that range from home appliances, building materials, flooring materials, vacuum parts and accessories, bathroom and kitchen equipments, electricals, hardware’s and so on.

They are currently running a promo where users can order some items and get them delivered to their doorsteps for free.

Another very exciting thing about this website presently is that, if you register on their newsletter, you’ll be rewarded with 10% off from your next purchase on their website. With all these said, the main question is, is legit or a scam? Read on to know now.

Website’s security

This website is secured with a secure SSL certificate that helps prevent spam. It also helps protect information theft by third parties.

Company’s contact address

The following locations are where you can get to meet with her management of this website and address any issue if available

1. Vileresi LLC

4460 N Federal Hwy, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

2. Email:

3. +1 918-701-8596

Is legit or scam

CEO information of

We honestly do not know who the founder of this platform is, we’ll try to get information about him and share to u guys as soon as possible.

How to place an order on this website

Follow the steps below on how to place an order for goods on this website.

1. Go to this website’s homepage

2. Click on the drop-down menu on the left hand side of the screen and then hit the shop button

3. Select any category that had whatever you’re looking for

4. Select your desired product and add them to the cart

5. Click on the buy now button

6. Fill in your billing details: your name, company name,country, street number and the rest

7. Fill in your debit/credit card information

8. Click the place order button.

Payment options accepted on

The following below are the various payment options available on this website

1. Domestic and international credit cards

2. Visacard, MasterCard, amex debit cards

3. Direct debits.

How to shop on

Return and refund policy

The following aplplies when you do not like a product sold to you by this platform and want to return it.

1. You can cancel any order placed on this website within 60 days.

2. For you to be able to return a product, it must be withim 60 days from the day you recieved the product.

3. The goods must be in their original packaging of not, it may not be accepted.

4. You’ll be responsible for the cost of returning the goods back to and they’ll not be held liable if anything happens to your goods in shipment.

5. You are to return your goods to the following address (Vileresi LLC 4460 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, USA) )l(Phone: (918)-701-8596).

Shipping policy

The following policies are to be applied on your goods when they are shipped.

1. Your goods would be supplied through USPS post and is free of charge. Delivery time is 10 to 28 business days from the day your item was purchased.

2. USPS priority mail. This method costs 18usd and your goods would be shipped within 3 business days.

Note that once you order for a product on this website, you’ll automatically be sent a shipment confirmation email.

Also note that this website ships to only addresses in the us and it’s territories like apo/too/dpo

Products available on

Is legit or scam

I think this vilejo website may be a legit one, this is because of the following reasons: this website has been online and active for the past 5 months, they have a nice customer support and also some good reviews on customer review websites.


Thanks for reading my Review of, thanks for your time!

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  1. Steve

    I was looking for a black Caseta smart switch. Vilejo had the best price. I was directed to their website. According to the website, the company address is 4460 N. Federal Hway, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064. Turns out that address is 2 doors south of my favorite Brazilian steakhouse. The 4460 address used to be occupied by the Red Lotus Thai restaurant. They have been out of business for a year and the building has been vacant ever since. The Vilejo phone number has a Tulsa, OK area code and when you call it you get an answering machine with no business identification. Not exactly circumstances that build confidence.

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