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Hello and welcome to this website. In today’s review, am going to be Sharing all that you need to know about this dubai job website. In this review, a going to be revealing the following:

how works, who are the founders of this website, their physical office locations, my own review of and most importantly answer this fundamental question: is legit.

Read this review till the end cos am going to be sharing benefitial information.

About is a platform where job seekers can go to for job opportunities. On this website, job hirers can also go there to looking for highly skilled professionals according to their specifications. review: legit or scam

Their website contains different categories of jobs by popularity and location

Jobs are posted on this website every minute of the day and you can select the one you want, apply and then move in.

The good thing about this website is that, their services are totally free if you want to advertise you CV on their website unless you wish to upgrade your account to premium.

Do you think is really legit? Find out in a bit

CEO information

We expressly do not know the founder or management of this website, this is because, they didn’t reveal any Information about themselves atall.

Incase we find any more information about the management and team.of this website, we’ll get back to you guys through this article.

Offline Office location

The following locations bow are the locations where you can get to meet with the management of this website face to face in the United Arab Emirates.

1.Dubai Media City Dubai, UAE

P.O.Box: 126732 Dubai.

2. Creative City – Media Free Zone

Fujairah – Creative Tower

P.O.Box: 4422 Fujairah

Contact information

You can contact this website via email at

Website’s security

This website is secured with an ssl certificate that helps secue your information and shields it from unauthorized third parties.

Types of jobs available on

The following below are a lost of jobs that are available in Dubai according to this website

1. Healthcare

2. Banking

3. Beauty and fitness

4. Insurance

5. Technology

6. Real estate

7. Oil and gas

8. Marketing

9. Aviation

10. Others

Jobs available on

Examples of jobs available on this website in UAE

1. Nurse

2. Dentist

3. Electrical engineer

4. Florist

5. Driver

6. He executive

7. Receptionist

8. Accounting

9. Property consultant

10. Sales executive

11. Security guard

12. English teacher.

How this platform works for candidates

As a candidate who is looking for a job in UAE, this website helps you connect to organizations who are looking for your qualifications and description. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be picked and boom! You’ll be given the job opportunity

You need to upload your job ad for free on this website and if you wish, upgrade your account to premium to prioritize your application. If your qualifications match their needs, you’ll be contacted by the company through any of the means available.

You can also apply for job adverts posted by uae companies through this website

How to register as a candidate looking for job

Follow the steps below for registering and advertising your CV to prospective companies

1. Go to

2. Click on the candidate button on the left side of the screen close to the top

3. Click on the new Candidate button

4. Fill in the blank fields with the following information: your profession, experience if any, email address, firstname, last name, working experience in UAE, driving license in UAE, nationality, gender and your desired minimum monthly salary.

5. You can then save and proceed to the other steps

After applying, wait for your application to be honoured and then your ad would be displayed

 How this platform works for employers can be a very useful tool when it comes to selecting the right candidates for employment into an employers organization. Some of the features of this platform for employees are:

1. Post your job advertisements: you can post job ads whenever your company need more employees.

2. Pick candidates from database: you can also decide to choose already exists candidates in job4u’s database and work with them if they match your description.

3. Contact candidates directly: you can contact desired candidates immediately if they match your needs.

How to register as an employer on

Follow the steps below for registering as an employer on this platform

1. Go to

2. Click on the company button

3. Hit the new employer button

4. Fill in the following details of your company in the empty fields: email address, company name, company type, company size, contact person, contact landline, landline extension, contact mobile.

Click on the save button.

5. Continue the registration process and then wait for your application to be considered.

Is real or fake is a 100% real job platform where you can seek for job as job seekers, it doesn’t end there as there are other things you need to know about which are in this article.

Is legit

Is legit

According to my research and findings coupled with critical evaluation and reviews I have read about this platform, I think it has atleast 75% chance of being a legit platform.

I also think you should not also invest in this website for the mean time and take a critical evaluation because the other 25% may apply and you may be at the recieving end.

Generally, I think is a legit website.

Write down your own review of this website in the comments section below

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