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Welcome to the legit or scam series on In today’s version, were going to be discussing about a website known as

I’ll be revealing, exposing and telling you all that you need to know about this online earning platform.

Some of the things will be discussing about are: what is, how it works, who the CEO of this website is, tasks available on this website, how to make money on this site, investment plans available on this site if any, how to register for an account, review

how to login, how to refer and earn money, how to withdraw, payment proofs from this website, and the most important question which is: is legit or scam.

Read this review carefully till the end so that you won’t miss any important information I’ll be sharing to you guys.

About is a a dogecoin mining platform where internet users can make money on daily by mining dogecoin. Another means of earning money on this website easily is by referral. More on that later.

CEO information of

We do not have information about the CEO of this website. I just discovered this as a trend in the online earning industry as almost all the website’s I have been reviewing do not disclose the identity of their CEO’s.

We’ll thus is not too much of a problem to us because we are thertk make money and not know who is who.

How works

For you to start making money on, you have to first be a registered member of this website, if you don’t know how to register, do not worry as I would be listing down the steps later.

Is legit or scam

After registering, you can then go to the next step which is minning the dgb coin; you can be getting upto 0.0385dgb.

All you have to do is to enter your dgb mining address in the available field and then depositing money in your account to start earning.

Tasks available on

The only task available on this website is the dgb mining task.

How to register

You do not need to register on this platform. All you’re required to do is to input your dogecoin wallet address in the space provided and then start mining. withdrawal

Once you get to the withdrawal threshold, you can request withdrawal from this site and then your earnings would be sent to your dogecoin wallet instantly.

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Payment proofs from

As at when this review was written, there were no payment proofs from this website. This may be as a result of two things: either this website is too new or they aren’t legit.

Is legit or scam

Is legit or scam cannot be tagged a scam for now because there are no payment proofs available for this site and no one has complained.of being scammed. This is not all ad there are other major things about this site which are contained in this review.




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