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I know you must have landed on this page while searching for the is it it legit keyword for this website, don’t worry cos youre in the right place as I’ll be buttressing, analyzing and giving you the verdict on wether this platform is legit or a scam before the end of this article.

Some other things which we’ll be discussing about in this article are: what is, who the CEO of this website is, all the tasks available on this website,

how to register on this website, how to login to your dashboard, how to make money on this platform, how to refer and earn money, how to withraw your earnings and the payment proofs from this website.

Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the business of the day.

About | review is an investment platform that allows internet users to invest on their website and then get returns on investments on a regular basis. Once you register on this site, you’ll automatically be gifted 500 naira

Another very easy means of getting money from this website is by referral and to do this, I have written down the steps you may need to follow below.

CEO information

We couldn’t get information about the CEO of this website, we’ll do more research and update this article if need be.

How it works

For you to start earning money on the website, you ha e to first be a registered member and to register on this site, the steps are written down below. review

After registering, you can then login to your dashboard and look for an affordable plan according to your budget to invest in so you can start earning money from this website.

Tasks available on

The only task available on this website is the investment task, in which you can invest in one of their popular plans and start earning instantly.

Investment plans available on this website

The following below are the various investment plans which you can invest in to make return on investments through this website.

1. LB Plan 1 | Total 810%

Deposit Amount:3000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦270 | 9%

Return: ₦24300 | 810%


2. LB Plan 2 | Total 1080%

Amount: 5000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦600 | 12%

Total Return: ₦54000 | 1080%


3. LB Plan 3 | Total 1170%

Deposit Amount: 50000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦7000 | 14%

Total Return: ₦630000 | 1260%


4. LB Plan 4 | Total 1260%

Deposit Amount: 50000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦7000 | 14%

Total Return: ₦630000 | 1260%


5. LB Plan 5 | Total 1350%

Deposit Amount: 100000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦15000 | 15%

RrTotal Return: ₦1350000 | 1350%


6. LB Plan 6 | Total 1620%

Deposit Amount: 500000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦90000 | 18%

Total Return: ₦8100000 | 1620%


7. LB Plan 7 | Total 1890%

Deposit Amount: 1000000

Return Period: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦300000 | 30%

Total Return: ₦27000000 | 2700%


8. LB Plan 8 | Total 2700%

Deposit Amount: 1000000

Return Perio: 90 Days

Daily Return: ₦300000 | 30%

Total Return: ₦27000000 | 2700%

How to register for an account on this website

Follow the steps below for registering for an account on this website

1. Go to this website’w address as shown above

2. Locate the sign-in page

3. Fill in the empty fields with the following information: your phone number, password etc

4. Confirm humanity

5. Click on the register button.

Is legit or scam

How to login

To login to your dashboard on the website, you need to follow these easy steps

1.go to the sign-in page

2. Fill in your login credentials in the empty spaces

3. Hit the sign-in button and that’ll be all about that.

How to refer and earn money on this website

This is one of the most excitingeans of earning money on this website as all you’ll be needing to do is to copy your referral link that is available on your dashboard and share to people who are interested in making money on this website like you, make them register and then make commissions.

How to withdraw your earnings from this website

To make withdrawal on this website, you have to follow the below steps.

1. Login to your dashboard and then click on the withdrawal button

2. Fill in the withdrawal form carefully with all the required details

3. Hit the withdraw button and that’s all

Read review 

Note that the minimum withdrawal threshold for this website is 1000 naira. You’ll need to attain this before requesting withdrawal.

Is legit or scam cannot be tagged a scam website because, there are no payment proofs from this website for now and then no one has reportedly been scammed by this website.

This is not all as there are soo many other things which you need to know about this platform which are in this article.

Don’t just rush to invest.

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