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Hello and welcome to my legit or scam series on, in today’s review, am going to be walking you through all that you need to know about this platform called in this review, am going to be revealing the following:

How this platform works, how to make money on this website, who the CEO of this website is, how to register, how to login, how to make withdrawal and finally anser the question: is legit or a scam.

Read this detailed and honest review till the end so that you’ll not miss any important information that I’ll be sharing to you.

About is a website where internet users like you and me can go to to earn money by watching videos on a daily basis. Once you register for an account on this website, you’ll automatically be gifted $5 as welcome bonus.

Another very nice and easy means of earning s far on this website is their referral means

Where you get rewarded each time you refer a new user to this website. You get a particular percentage of their earnings each time they register with your link.

Ceo Information

As at when this review was written,there were no information of who the CEO of this website is, we’ll do more research and update this review as soon as we get his/her information.

How it works

For you to start making cash from this website, you first have to be registered and to do this, I have written down the steps below.

After registering, you can then go to the tasks section and perform as many tasks as possible and then get cash instantly.

There are VIP plans on this site which you can upgrade to to earn more money. As a beginner on the free plan, you’ll be able to make some small bucks but for the VIP plans, you’ll be able t make atleast a reasonable amount of money. review

VIP plans available on

The following below are the VIP plans available on this website.

📺 VIP1 50$ 👉Daily 1.56$

📺 VIP2 100$ 👉 Daily 5$

📺 VIP3 300$ 👉 Daily 15$

📺 VIP4 500$ 👉 Daily 27.78$

📺 VIP5 1000$ 👉 Daily 62.5$

📺 VIP6 2000$ 👉 Daily 133.33$

📺 VIP7 3000$ 👉 Daily 200$

Tasks available

The only task available on this website is watching videos and referral, watch videos daily to earn money and then refer to earn commissions.

How to register

Follow the steps below for registering on this website

1. Login to this website

2. You’ll automatically be taken to the registration page

3. Fill in the empty fields with the required information

4. Hit the register button

How to login to your dashboard

To login to your dashboard, you need to go to this website via the URL, land on the sign-in page and then fill in the empty fields with the necessary information after which you can then click on the sign-in button.

Is legit or scam

Referral earnings

For you o be able to make money on this website via referral, you need your own unique referral link which you need to share to your friends, family members and on your social media accounts.

People who are interested in making money on this website like you would Register with your link and then you’ll get commissions.


To withdraw your earnings from this website, you need to fill the below steps

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Locate the withdrawal section of your dashboard and filming the withdrawal form.

3. Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw and other information after which you can the hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs

This website is a recently launched website and so not too many activities have been Carrid out on it, well make sure we follow up and get payment proofs as soon as they begin paying their members.

Is Legit or scam cannot be tagged a legit platform because it is a new platform and not too many activities have been carried out on it.

It can not also be tagged a scam platform because no one has complained of being scammed by this platform.

My advise to you is that this website has Soo many tendencies of being a scam you need to be wary of their vices. Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose as it may cause problems and you may loose your hard earned money.


Thanks fo stopping by to read this review, till we meet in the next review on our series.

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