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Hello pals, in today’s review,were going to be looking at a website where you can be earning money from right here in Nigeria. The name of this website is

In this Review, am going to be revealing all that you need to know about this platform, as well as answer all your questions concerning this website.some of the questions I’ll be answering are:

Who is the CEO of this website, how do I make money on this website, how to withdraw earnings, how to register, how to login to your dashboard, is legit and Soo many other questions.

Make sure you read this review till the end so that you’ll not miss any of the important information that I’ll be sharing.

About is a platform where you can make money from by making a little investment deposit and then getting returns on investment after a specific period of time.

Another very easy means of earning money from this website is by referral. I’ll be explaining this in detail later on in this article.

Who is the CEO of

As usual, we do no get the information of the CEO of this platform, we’ll try our best to get his information and then update you guys through this article.

How works

For you to begin making money on this website, you need to first be a registered member,I have written down a list of steps for registering on this website below.

After registering, you can then login to your dashboard and head for the investment section, select an investment plan and then begin making return on investments. review | is legit or scam

Tasks available on

There are two main tasks available on, they are: investment task and referral task.

Investment task: in this earning method, you only need to invest in one of the available plans on this website, wait for It to mature and then making return on investments at a specified basis.

Referral task: This task entails that you share your referral link to people who are also interested in making money on this website like you, make than register and then you can start earning commissions.

Thefollowing below are the investment plans available on this website:

How to register for an account on this website

To register on this website, you have to follow the below steps.

1. Go to this website’s homepage through the url above

2. Locate the sign up page

3. Fill in the blank form with all the required information and then

4. Click the sign-up button

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How to login

Follow the steps below for logging in to this website.

1. Go to this website and locate the sign in page

2. Fill in your username and password in the empty fields

3. Hit the sign-in button

How to make money on by referral

To make money on this website through referral, you need your referral link which is available on your dashboard. Share your referral link to interested people wo want to make money like you and then earn commissions.

How to make withdrawals

You can follow the steps below to withdraw your earnings from this platform.

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Go to the withdrawal section

3. Fill in the empty fields with appropriate information

4. Hit the withdraw button

Note that you need to meet the minimum withdrawal amount of 1000 naira for you to be able to make withdrawals.

Payment proofs

There are no payment proofs from this website as at when this review was written, we’ll update you once we get payment proofs.

Is legit or scam looks to suspicious and has a high tendency of being a scam platform. My only advice to you is that, make sure you invest what you can afford to loose on this website to avoid loosing your capital as this website isn’t trusted.


Thanks for stopping by to read my review, see you in our next Review.


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