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You must have landed on this page after searching for review or to find out if is legit, don’t worry cos you’re in the right place.

In this review article, am going to be walking you through all that you may need to know about this platform, from how it works, how to make money, tasks available, investment plans and most importantly, to answer your question: is legit or a scam.

Make sure you read this review till the end to avoid missing out on any information which I’ll be Sharing today.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s get down to business.

About is a platform where anyone who is interested can register, rent one of their generator for 24 hours and immediately start getting returns on investment. review legit or scam

One other very good way of earning from this website is by referral, I’ll be explaining this in detail in a different section.

 CEO information

As at the time we wrote this review,we didn’t get the information of the CEO of this website, we’ll try our best to get his information and then update you guys in due course.

How works / how to make money on

For you to start benefitting from all the goodness of this platform, you’ll first need to be registered and to do this, I have written down the steps in a few sections away.

After registering, you can then proceed by logging in after which you can then head for the investment section to choose one of the various investment plans available on this website.

After investing, you can then wait for your investments to mature and then start cashing out your earnings.

There are 5 income generation machines pv1 to pv5 which you can rent and immediately start making money, I’ll be listing them down later on in this review.

Pv1 goes for 1600 naira and you get 160 naira as your roi daily

Tasks available on

There are only two tasks available on this website called, I’ll be explaining them in detail below.

1. Investment task: in this method, all you need to do is to in eat in one of the plans on this website,wait for your investment to mature and then withdraw your earnings after a stipulated amount of time.

2. Referral task: this task involves you bringing new people to register on this website.

 How to register on register

Follow the steps below for registering on this website. Note that once you register, you’ll automatically be gifted 800 naira as your sign-up bonus.

1. Go to this website via the URL above

2. Locate the sign-up page

3. Fill in the blank spaces with all required details

4. Hit the sign-up button and that’ll be all.

How to login to your dashboard login

Follow the steps below on how to login to your dashboard

1. Go to this website and locate the sign-in page

2. Fill in the blank fields with your username and password

3. Hit the sign-in button and then that’ll be all

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 Investment plans available on

The following below are some of the machines you can rent to start making money through this website.


Daily earnings:160 naira

Renting price: 1600 naira

Total earnings: 4000 naira


Daily earnings:600 naira

Renting price: 4000 naira

Total earnings: 12000 naira


Daily earnings:2400 naira

Renting price: 12000 naira

Total earnings: 48000 naira


Daily earnings: 8400 aira

Renting price: 40000 naira

Total earnings: 160000 naira


Daily earnings:27200 naira

Renting price: 120000 naira

Total earnings: 480000 naira

 How to withdraw your earnings

Follow the steps below for withdrawing your earnings from this website

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Locate the withdraw page

3. Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw as well as the other information

4. Hit the withdraw button

5. Wait for your withdrawal to be processed and sent to your account

How to refer and earn cash

For you to refer and earn money from this website, you need to have your unique referral link which is available on your dassboard.

copy it and share to anyone who wishes to earn money on this website like you, make them register and then you’ll get commissions instantly.

The minimum withdrawal amount for this platform is 3200 naira and withdrawals can be placed from Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm.

Withrawal methods supported

The following withdrawal methods are available on this website

1. USD trc 20

2. Local bank account

Is legit or scam cannot be tagged a legit platform for now because it’s still a new platform and not too many activities have been carried out on it, we’ll try to update you guys as soon as we get information on wether it’s legit or not.

My advise to already and prospective investors of this platform is to invest what they can afford to loose on this website.


Thanks for stopping by and reading our review, see you in our next Review.





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