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Would you like to make money online in Albania? If that’s you then you’re in the right place.

Hello and welcome to in today’s article, am going to be walking you through on how to make money online in albania this year 2022.

I’ll advise you to read this article in full because there are many secrets hidden in this article that ill love you to unveil.

In this article, am going to be showing you the best survey websites, apps and updated platforms where you can perform one or two tasks to begin your earning journey from the comfort of your home in Albania.

If you’re short in cash, need money for pizza, need money for subs and for so many other things then this article is for you.

Best ways to make money online in Albania

Best ways to make money online in Albania 2022

1. Url shortners

you can make money daily from url shortners, all you’ll need to do is to short urls from anywhere and share on your social media accounts, share to friends and few family members. Once they click on the link, you immediately get paid.

Some url shortening website where you can make money from are: linkvertise, Shrtfly,,,, shrinkearn, shrinkme, Clicksfly, smoner,, adshrink, safelinku,, Shortzon,,, adpaylink,,, cutwin,,,,,,,, binbucks, spaste, gplinks, linkbucks.

2. is a platform where you can make money from completing online surveys, take part in research and participating in offers everyday.

You can withdraw your earnings from any of these means: amzon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Lowe’s gift cards, apple gift card, Dunkin gift cards, ipsos foundation points, CVS pharmacy giftcards, targt giftcards etc

3. Investing in stocks with etoro

etoro is a social trading platform where you get to invest in stocks. Thy have been in existence since 2006 and is considered one of the best and safest trading platform with 20 million members.

They have the copy trading feature that helps their customers minimise losses. Read more about etoro

4. Prize rebel is an earning website where you can make money online by completing market research surveys, get points and then redeem your points for cash anytime any day. The amazing thing about this platform is that you don’t need money to register.

You can redeem your points via the following means: Amazon gift cards, PayPal, robux and google pay gift card.

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5. Instagc gives you the opportunity to make money online by earning from cashbacks, completing surveys, downloading apps and programmes, signing up on websites, watching videos etc.

You’ll be paid in points to your dashboard and one of this point is equivalent to $0.01.

You can also make money through referral: you can get up to 10% of your referrers earnings.

You can redeem your points through echeck, direct deposit, gift cards, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the big boys in the making money online industry, it involves you performing simple tasks like creating surveys, answering trivia polls, completing daily goals and also searching the web.

Members on this website earn points called sb when they complete tasks daily, 100 sb points equals 1 dollar, you can redeem your sb points for cash or gift cards, visa cards, Amazon, PayPal etc anytime.

7. Ysense: is another very simple website/platform where anyone can make money online through by performing the following tasks: playing games, doing surveys, referring your friends etc.

You can recieve your earnings from the following means: payoneer, Skrill. Once you refer someone to this platform, you automatically get $2 referral bonus immediately. You can also play ysense games and also earn money.

8. Survey rewardz app and website

As the name suggests, to make money on this app/website, you only need to complete surveys.

This app is a production of a company in the us called points2shop LLC; Points2shop LLC also has another website called

The following below are the tasks available on these sites that you can complete and earn real money: surveys, opinion polls and referring.

9. is a platform where internet users can make money online by studying and answering questions that follows, you get rewarded when you take part in short video studies; you can be earning $50 to $100 per day by just doing this daily.

10. Survey downline is a market research platform that offers their members surveys from all parts of the world, they share their profit with their surveyors.

They take 65% of the income made from surveys while they pay their members 35%.

It is owned by precision sample LLC in the US and has been in existence since the year 2009. You do not need money to be a member of this platform.

11. Opinion Outpost

opinion is a website where you can make money on by sharing your opinions inform of surveys, you can earn ad much money as you can with this website and then withdraw through any of the following means:

Amazon gift cards, PayPal, american redcross donation, iTunes card etc. You can get started with this website by just completing the registration form with all your correct information.

12. Get paid to is a legit website where everyone and anyone can make money on by performing get-paid-to tasks online, they offer multiple ways which anyone can make money on.

Their tasks range from paid surveys, quick points, watching videos, clicking links, offerwalls, playing games, participating in raffle draws, leaderboard contests and referrals.

You can withdraw your earnings through the following means: bank transfer, Skrill, cryptocurrency, Amazon and PayPal.

13. Feature points

feature points so and website are platforms where anyone could make money on by performing simple tasks like testing out new softwares and apps, downloading and using apps etc.

You can withdraw your feature points through the following means: PayPal giftcards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes card.

All you have to do is to download the app through playstore or go to their website and perform all the tasks above to make money.

14. Super pay

superpay that’s accessible at is a super website when it comes to making money online, they have been in existence since the year 2012 and they have various options that you can choose from to make easy and quick money online in any country.

The most exciting thing about this platform is that, you can withdraw your earnings once it’s upto $1 to any of their various withdrawal method.

The following are the tasks available on the superpay website: superoayme surveys, paid offers, cash contents, posting payment proofs, watching videos, inviting friends and sharing promo codes.

You can withdraw your earnings through any of the means below: Amazon gift card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill.

15. Pinecone research

pinecone research is a website where you can make it big if youre dedicated, all you need to do start earning money through this website is to register and then start answering surveys that are rewarded with cool cash.

You automatically get paid $3 which is equivalent to 300 points.

16. Treasure trooper

treasuretrooper is a got website that’s available for pepper who are more than 13 years of age.

To start making money on, you have to first be a registered member, after registering, you can then start making money through the following means:

watching videos, playing games, cash offers, submitting payment proofs, shopping, cash offers and surveys.

You can withdraw your earnings from the following means: check and PayPal. The minimum withdrawal for this website is $20 and th average payment speed for this website is 30 days.

17. Global test markets

global test market is a platform that was introduced by lightspeed LLC and has their primary address at: 685 US-206, Bridgewater Township, New Jersey 08807 US

Tel: 1-206-315-9300.

You can make money through this website by performing the following tasks: online surveys, products testing, mobile surveys, it surveys, teen surveys, diary surveys, and referral.

Withdrawals on this website can be done through the following means: PayPal, amzon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, restaurant gift cards, donations to charity, check, Best buy gift cards, sweepstake vouchers and retail e-vouchers.

Best websites to make money on in albania 2022

18. Inbox dollars

inbox is a website that was founded in 2000 by prodege LLC where netizens can make money on by answering surveys, watching videos, partaking in offers, play games, using inboxdollars’s search engine, read emails, grab winit deals, referral bonusses, participating in learn and earn etc

Once your earnings are up to $15, you can withdraw it to any of these withdrawal methods below: PayPal, check, Amazon gift cards, visa card etc.

19. Fusion cash

Fusion cash is a website where internet users including albanians can earn real money on by performing the following tasks: completing surveys, signing up on websites, making calls, streaming videos, listening to radio, referring friends etc

After making upto the minimum withdrawal threshold of $25, you can then request for withdrawal, wait for your withdrawal to be approved and then withdraw your earnings through PayPal, check or direct deposit.

20. Prize rebel

you can begin earning money on by performing the following tasks: completing surveys, filling offers, participating in tasks, participating in raffles, lucky numbers and contests.

This platform works on a points system where1 point equals 1 cent. This means that, for you to make a dollar, you need 100 cent.

 21. Clixsense

just like ysense, clixsense is a platform where you can make money on by playing games, taking surveys and then referring.

22. Upwork

upwork is a freelancing website where you can showcase your talents or skills and get orders from people who want you to do the job for them in real time.

There are many kind of jobs on upwork, some of which are: data entry, writing, management of social media accounts, programming, writing, translation, business planning and consultations etc.

You can find what you are good at, create an account on upwork, recieve orders from clients, deliver their job and then make cool cash on a daily basis.

One other website that works like upwork is Fiverr.


just is a website where you can teach other people your local language on and get paid. You can work on this website any day, any time.

To make money on just learn, you need to follow the below procedures

1. Create a profile

2. Wait for a student to pay for a lesson and book you as a teacher

3. Complete the lesson by teaching the person properly

4. Withraw your earnings from PayPal or transwise.

24. Blogging

blogging has been one of the most steess-free means of earning money of recent.

It involves you creating a website, posting regularly, monetizing your website with ads, affiliate offers or other means available and then smiling to the bank on a regular basis.

If youre interested in opening your own blog and earning money from it then you can contact us for tutoring.

25. Vlogging

vlogging is also another very easy means of earning money in 2022 as it involves you creating videos in your spare time and uploading to your channel or space and then earning money once people view it.

Some of the various vlogging platforms are: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok etc

26. Content creation

This is the art of creating information that can be consumed by humans, examples of such contents are: texts, videos etc.

27. Affiliate marketing

This is a kind of setup where a company/ organization compensates an individual in commissionsfor promoting and driving sales to their products.

There are many affiliate marketing platforms which you can register, get your affiliate link and begin making money by promoting their products to friends, social media etc.

28. survey time

survey time is an earning platform that’s accessible at where netizens can make money by completing quick surveys every day and earning quick money.

All you need to do if you want to start making money on this platform is to register for an account and then going to the survey sections to answer as many surveys as possible for you to earn more money.

29. Qmee

qmee is a website where you can make money on by performing the following tasks: answering surveys, sharing your opinions on topics, referral and then making money off it on a daily basis.

30: freelancing

as a freelancer, you provide services to your clients and get paid for it. Freelancing is done on free lancing platforms like upwork and Fiverr.


In this article, we discussed on how can make money online as an Albanian in 2022 via the means above.

Note that some of this platforms and websites would make a living for you while others won’t.

Incase you need counselling on how to start your online earning career, you can contact us.

Thanks for stopping by to read my article, you can check other exciting articles in the category above.

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