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Hello and welcome to in today’s review, am going to be walking you through everything that you may need to know about this website / earning platform called

In this review, were going to be discussing the following topics: how this platform works, tasks available on this website, how to register for an account, how to make money on this website,

How to login to your dashboard, how to refer and earn money, how to withdraw your earnings, payment proofs from this platform and then finally answer the question: is legit or a scam.

I’ll advise you to read this review in full to avoid missing any important message that I’ll be passing accross.

About is a South African earning platform where you can earn money from by sculping on a daily basis on their free plan, you can also choose to upgrade your plan to a VIP plan to earn premium benefits. review

Another means which you can make money from more easily through this website is their referral scheme where you get money once someone registers via your special lonk. I’ll be explaining this in detail later on in this article.


  • Url availability: This website’s url is available on Google and is still accessible till date.
  • Website’s security: This website is secured with an ssl certificate that prevents unauthorized access to Information by third parties and intruders.
  • Availability of Contact us and about us pages: This website has contact us and about us pages.
  • Social media accounts: This website does not have any official social media accounts

Who is the CEO of

For reasons that are get unknown to us, we couldn’t get the information of the CEO of this website. This is because it was hidden and out of reach.

Platforms like this one do not release the information of their CEO or manager tram to tht public any longer, thus is because they usually have plans of scamming people and so to perpetrate their evil plans successfully, they usually hide their idem5 so that everything runs smoothly.

Is legit? Find out now below.

How this platform works

In order for your to begin enjoying the goodness of this website, you first need to be registered. and to do this, I have compiled a list of steps for registering below.

After registering, you can then go to the tasks section and begin sculping on a free plan. You can also purchase a sculping plan and then enjoy all the premium benefits from this website.

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Tasks available on

There are only 2 tasks available on this platform and I’ll be explaining them below

1. Sculping investment: In this earning method, all you are needed to do is to invest in a sculpi plan and then get returns on investment after a specific period of time.

2. Referral task: you can also make money via referral on this website by copying your referral link that’s available on your dashboard and share to people who are also interested in making money on this website like you, make them register via your link and then get commissions as soon as they register.

How to register on

Follow the steps below on how to register on this website

1. Go to this website

2. Navigate to the registration page

3. Fill in all the information needed in the fields provided

4. Hit the sign-up button

How to login to this website

To login to this website, you need to go to the URL above and then you’ll be redirected to the login page. You can then input your username and password in the fields provided after which you can then hit the login button.

How to refer and earn money

You can make money on this website through referral by following the steps I’ll be showing you below:

1. Go to this website

2. Login to your dashboard

3. Copy your referral link from your dashboard

4. Share it to people who wish to make money online through this platform like you and ensure theyregister through your link and then automatically get rewarded with commissions once they sign up.

Is legit or scam

How to withdraw your earnings

Follow the steps below for withdrawing your earnings from this website

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click on the withdraw button

3. Fill the withdrawal form with all the required information

4. Click on the withdraw button

Wait for your withdrawal request to be processed and your money sent to your account

Payment proofs from

There are no payment proofs from this website for now, this may be because this website is still too new and not too many activities have been Carried out on it.

We’ll update this article as soon as we get payment proofs from this website.

Is legit or scam

We’ll not be able to conclude on wether or not is legit or scam for now because not too many activities have been carried out on it yet.

My advise to you is to make sure you try to invest what you can comfortably afford to loose to avoid loosing money in the event of any scam.

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