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In today’s review article, am going to be answering the is it legit questions of this website. I’ll be talking about the following topics in this review. review, how to make money on, who the CEO of is, tasks available on this website, how to make money on this website, how to register for an account, how to login to your account, how to make withdrawal, payment proofs from this website and finally tell you if is legit or a scam.

About is an online platform where you can make money on by doing simple tasks on the internet.

Is legit or scam

Some of the tasks you can perform on this website and earn money are: testing apps, taking quick surveys, test apps, play games and so many other tasks.

Once you register on this website, you automatically get rewarded with $40 as sign-up bonus.

Another means of earning money through this website is by referral, I’ll be explaining hoe to d this later on in his article.

CEO information

We couldn’t get the information of the CEO of this website as at when this review was written. This is because the management of this platform wants to run their platform on proxy mode.

How works

To start making money on this website, you first need to be a registered member of this website and to register, I have written down the steps to do that below.

How works

After registering, you can then login to your dashboard after which you can then go to the tasks section tk perform all the available tasks on this website to make money.

Once you register, you’ll be gifted $40 once you register and if you refer a friend or family member to this website, youll be automatically gifted $25.

This website collect orders from people who wish to promote their videos and then share those videos with their member to generate traffic and then get paid for it.

They then share the profit gotten from that video with the members who watched them.

Tasks Available on

The following below are the tasks available on

1. Watching videos: This task is a very easy task as all you need to do to earn money from this platform is to go to the video section and then watch all the videos available to maximize your earnings.

2. Testing apps: to make money through this means, you need to go to the apps testing section of this website and then test as many apps as are available for you so that you can earn more money.

3. Downloading games: you can also earn money by downloading games on this platform. All you need to do is to go to the games download section and download as many games as possible to earn money.

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4. Referral: you can also be making a huge amount of money on this website by just referring your friends, family members and also social media pals to get registered and also make money like you.

The most amusing thing about this platform is that registration is free and you do not need to invest anything.

How to register signup

Follow the steps below on how to register on this website

1. Go to this website through the URL above

2. Hit the sign-up button on the landing page

3. Enter the following information in the empty fields: your full name, email address, password.

4. Hit the sign-up button

How to login

The following steps are what you need to follow in ase you wish to login to your dashboard. sign in

1. Go to the URL of this website as seen above

2. Hit the sign-in button on the landing page

3. Fill in your username and password in the empty fields

4. Hit the sign-in button

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How to refer and earn money on this website

You can follow the steps below on how you can refer and earn money on this website.

For you to start making money through referrals, you need a referral link thats available on your dashboard.

You need to share this referral link to people who are interested in making money like you and then when they register through your link, you automatically get rewarded with a $25 commission.

How to withdraw your earnings

To withdraw your earnings from this website, you need to follow the steps Below.

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Locate the withdrawal section

3. Fill out the withdrawal form carefully with all the required information

4. Hit the withdraw button and then wait for your withdrawal to be approved and sent to your account.

Payment proofs

This website is still a very new website and so it doesn’t have any payment proofs at the moment. We’ll update this article as soon as we get payment proofs from this website.

Is legit or scam

This website is still a very new website and do it cannot be tagged legit or scam for now. We’ll try to update this article as soon as we get an update to wether or not this website is legit.


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