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In today’s review, am going to be walking you through all you need to know about a social earning platform known as

I’ll be answering the following questions in this review: how works, how to make money on this website, who the CEO of this website is, how to refer and earn and most importantly: is legit or a scam.

Read this review carefully as I’ll be exposing many things which you need to know about this website in this article.

About is a a platform where anyone can go to yo make money online by performing simple social tasks like liking people’s photos, following people on social media, watching YouTube videos and so many other things apart from these ones. legit or scam

Is legit or scam? Read on to find out genuine answers to this question in this review.

CEO information

For reasons best known to the management of this website, we couldn’t get the information of their CEO. We’ll make sure we update this article as soon as we get information about who the CEO of this website is.

How this platform works

For you to start making money on Thur website, you have to first be a registered member an to do this, I have written down a list of steps on how to register on this website below.

After registering, you can then go to the tasks section and perform all the available tasks and then withdraw your earnings as soon as you get to the withdrawal threshold.

Once you register on this platform, you’ll automatically be registered into the intern 1 plan where you can perform 5 tasks per day, you can chose to upgrade to any of the VIP plans to enjoy more benefits.

Note that the minimum withdrawal threshold for this website is $

Tasks available on this website

The following below are the tasks available on

Liking: all you need to do in this task is to like people’s photos or videos on Facebook, youtube, Instagram and Twitter

commenting: you only need to drop a comment on a requested video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Watching videos: in this task, you only need to watch people’s videos, you watch for a certain amount of time and then submit for audit after which you’ll be credited. review

How to register

Follow the steps below on how to register on this website

1. Go to the URL

2. Input your phone number, password in the empty fields.

3. Confirm humanity

4. Hit the sign-up button and that’s all.

How to login

To login to this website, you just need to go to the URL above, you’ll be redirected automatically to the sign-up page. Input your username and password in the fields provided and then hit the login button.

How to make money by referral

To make money by referral on this website, you need to first be a registered member and to do this, I have written the steps above. After registering, you can then login to your dashboard and

Click on the refer new member button where you’ll need to copy your referral link and share to anyone who is interested in making money on this website like you.

Read also: legit or scam referral link / referral code

In this section, am going to be dropping down the referral link for this website incase you wish to register and dont have any referral link.

You can use the referral link and code below for registering on this website

How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from this website, you first have to reach their minimum threshold, after getting to their threshold, you can then click on the withdraw button which is available on your dashboard.

Fill in your fund password and then bind your bank card, you can then select the amount you’ll be like to withdraw and then hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs

There have been many payment proofs of this platform in the past but presently, u didn’t see any recent payment proofs.

I think this website is upto something. Read more to get the answer to your is it legit question.

Is legit was a legit platform and they were paying their members but presently, they are not going to pay anyone for a period of 1 month. The company disclosed this some few days back.

You can just remain patient and endure as they may resume paying their members again but if not, then thus might be a good avenue to begin scamming people.


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