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Hello pals. in today’s review, am going to be walking you through on all that you need to know about this online earning platform called everyday

In this review, am going to be answering the following questions: how this platform works, tasks available on this website, CEO information of this website, how to sign-up, how to sign-in, investment plans available on this website and finally answer the question: is legit or a scam.

About is a platform where you can earn money online from by grabbing orders online and getting paid for them. You can upgrade your plan to grab more orders and then earn more money. review

You can also earn money on this website through the referral method, I’ll be shedding more light on this later on in this review.

✅ Registration Bonus – 20$🔥🔥🔥

✅ Minimum Deposit -10$💥💥💥

✅ Minimum Withdrawal – 1$❤️❤️

💸 Deposit 10$ and get 1.5$ daily 💰

🙀 No Withdrawal Fee❤️

🙀 Withdrawal time 2 – 5 minutes

Sign up to get [20USDT]

Minimum deposit 10USDT

Minimum withdrawal 1USDT

Withdrawal 24×7

Customer service 24×7

Who is the founder of

As usual of these kind of platforms, they didn’t reveal any Information of the CEO of this website or any of the members of the management team. I’ll do more research on this and then update this review as at when due.

When was launched started it’s operations as an earning platform on the 9th of September in 2022.

 How works

As a netizen, for you to make money on this website, you need to be a registered member of this website, I’ll explain more on this later. After registering, you’ll be gifted 20usdt as welcome bonus and then you can then go to the shopping section of this website and start grabbing orders to make cool cash.

This website has VIP plans that you can upgrade to to even earn more aside other methods of earning money through this website. The cheapest plan on this website costs 10usdt and you get to perform 1 orders daily and make a maximum of 1.50usdt.

Is legit or a scam

VIP plans available on

VIP1 price 30USDT ———– daily income 1.5USDT

VIP2 price 70USDT——— daily income 4.68USDT

VIP3 price 280USDT———-daily income 23.4USDT

VIP4 price 780USDT——-daily income 69.3USDT

How to register for a free account on

Follow the steps below carefully for registering for an account on this earning website.

1. Go to this website through their link as seen above

2. Locate the sign-up page

3. Input the following information in the empty fields: your email address, login password, transaction password, invitation code and WhatsApp number.

4. Click on the register now button.

How to login to your dashboard on this platform

The steps below are for logging in to your dashboard on this website

1. Go to the URL above on your browser

2. You’ll automatically be redirected to the login page

3. Fill in your username and then password in the empty fields

4. Hit the sign-in button.

How to refer and earn more money on

For you to start earning money through the referral method, you first need a referral link, and to get this unique link, you need to login to your dashboard with the steps that I showed you earlier on and then copy it, You can then start sharing this referral link of yours to people who also wants to make money on this website like you and once they regular, you get commissions.

How to place withrawals on this website through your dashboard

For you to place withrawals on this website and get cash, you need to follow my verified steps below.

To place withrawal on this website, you first need to be logged in and thrntjt following steps can then take place:

1. Login

2. Go to your dashboard

3. Go to the withdrawal page

4. Fill in the withdrawal form carefully with all required information

5. Hit the withdraw button

6. Wait for your withdrawals to be processed

7. Smile to the bank and cash out your money

Note that you’ll only be allowed to place withrawals on this platform if your earnings are upto 0.1 usdt.

Payment proofs from

As at the time this review article was written, there were no payment proofs from this website, this may be due to the fact that the website is still too young and doesn’t have enough investors wonhave cashed out. We’ll make more research and then update this section in due course.

Is legit or a scam cannot be tagged a scam because this website is still too new and no one has complained of being scammed by this platform yet. This is not all as there are many things that you need to know about this website which are in this article.


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