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Hello and welcome. In today’s review article, am going to be focusing on and discussing about a website where you can book your flight tickets and also scheduled your travels all in one place online. The name of this platform is

In this review, am going to be explaining all that you may need to know about this website including how it works, how to schedule air tickets, who the founder of the website is.

Is legit or a scam

Other things which we’ll be looking at are: security infrastructure of this website, how to contact the management of this platform, payment options accepted on this website, discounts offered on this website, pros and cons and we’ll finally give you the final verdict on wether is legit or a scam.

I’ll advise you to read this review properly so you won’t miss out from all of the wonderful information that I’ll be penning down.

What is is a website where you can go to for purchases of flight tickets online, this website claimed they have been in existence since 2015 and have been an airline ticket reseller since then.

Read on to find out if this airline ticket reseller is legit or a scam.


  • All major cards are accepted on this website
  • Checked baggages are included
  • No ads
  • No pop ups
  • Good ticket management system
  • Fully automated process

Social media links of

Facebook: This platform has a blank page on Facebook

Twitter: This website has an account on Twitter

Security checks carried out on this website

1. Google safe browsing test: According to the Google safe browsing test algorithms, it was gethered that this platform doesn’t contain any unsafe contents.

2. SSL certificate confirmation: This website has a valid as certificate that helps prevent unauthorized access to Information by third parties on this website.

3. Web of trust lookup: This website is no yet rated on the web of trust official website

4. Website’s age: This website was created just 28 days ago

5. Malware check: According to, this website doesn’t have any malwares or spywares. review

Who is the founder of

We couldn’t find out who the founder of this platform is. This is because, the information of the management /team of this platform was hidden from the internet.

Contact address of this website

This website does not have any contact addresses, this means that there’ll be no way to contact the management of this platform in case of any problems you encounter.

This is a redflag against this platform because platforms of this nature are supposed to be transparent and plain to it’s customers and prospctive customers.

How to book an airline ticket on

Follow the steps below on how to book for an air ticket through this website.

1. Go to this website @

2. Choose your origin (departure)

3. Choose your destination

4. Choose your departure date

5. Choose your return date

6. Choose the class of ticket you want from business, economy or the others

7. Click on search

8. Pay for your ticket

9. Complete your order.

Redflags of

The following below are the redflags which we think needs to b addressed by the management o this website for maximum trust by their visitors.

1. This website claimed to be created in 2015 making it 7 years of age meanwhile, domain age checkers proved it’s barely upto 30 days.

2. This website didn’t provide any contact address on their website. This means that, it’s visitors would not be able to contact or communicate with the management of this platform incase of any discrepancies, or problems that ussrs might encounter.

3. The management of this platform didn’t reveal any information concerning the management of this platform.

4. This website has reviews on other review websites that are potentially fake in nature

Is worth buying air tickets from?

Fr now, I don’t think it’s safe and wise to buy airtickets from this website, thus is because they have too many redflags against their business.

Is safe is not all that safe because which is a trusted url security scanner noted that this website doesn’t redirect it’s traffic from http to https which makes the information you drop on this website be at risk and prone to attack.

Is real or fake cannot be tagged a real platform for now because it has too many redflags even though it has many good reviews that might have been influenced.

Is legit or scam is much likely to be a scam platform because it’s full of deciets and it lacks transparency. Read this review thoroughly to find out what I mean by that.

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