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Hello and welcome to In today’s review article, am going to be walking you through and answering all your questions concerning this website called

Some of those questions which ill be answering answering are: how does works?, How to make money on this website, how to register, how to login, who the CEO of this website is, how to withdraw earnings and most importantly answer the question: is legit or a scam.

Read this review thoroughly to the end to avoid missing out on any important information which I’ll be sharing.

About is an earning platform that emanated from South Africa to help internet users make money online by performing simple tasks online and earning daily commissions.

Another very easy means of earning money on this website is by referring your friends, family members and loved ones so the can register and also make money like you. More about this later. review

CEO information

For reasons best known to the management of this website, they didn’t release want information about the CEO of this website or any of the staffs or management team.

This is surely a redflag against this website because this is an investment and earning platform where the funds of investors can be at risk if eventually anything happens.

How this platform works

For you to start making money on this website, first you need to be a registered member already and to do this, I’ll be dropping down the steps below. After registering, you’ll be credited with a welcome bonus of 40 usdt and then you can start exploring other means of earning.

New members on this website are automatically registered into VIP 1 where you earn limited amount of money daily. If you wish to start earning bignon thie platform, them you need to upgrade your account to one of the other VIP plans available.

 How to register on

To register on this website, you need to follow the below steps:

1. Go to this website via their url above

2. Reach for the registration page

3. Input all your required personal details in the fields provided

4. Click on the register button and that’s all.

How to login

Follow the below steps for logging into this website

1. Go to this website via the url

2. Reach for the sign-up page and then go to the login page

3. Fill in your login credentials in the available fields

4. Hit the login button and that’s all


To refer new members to this website and earn money, you first need to be a registered member of which u have dropped down the steps above. After being registered, you can then login to your dashboard and copy your unique referral code that you can share to interested individuals and earn money.

You’ll Automatically be gifted R2 for each person you refer to this website.

Withdrawal on

To place withrawal on this website, you have to first meet one criteria which is attaining the minimum withdrawal amount which is R160. After this, you can then follow the following steps

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Hit the withdrawal option

3. Fill in your account details in the required fields

4. Fill in other information including the amount you wish to withdraw and then hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs

As at the time this review was written, there were no payment proofs from this website

Is legit or scam

 Is legit

We’ll not be able to conclude on the legitness of this website because it is still a very new platform and not too many people have invested in it. We’ll take a closer look at this website and then get back to you guys through this review article.

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