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Hello fellow investors. In today’s review article, am going to be walking you through and answering all your questions concerning this platform called

Some of the questions I’ll be answering are: how this platform works, how to make money on this website, who the CEO of this website is, how to make 6000 naira plus daily and many other things which are but not limited to: is legit or scam.

Read this review thoroughly so that you won’t miss any important information which I’ll be sharing in the article.

About is a usdt trading platform that helps interested internet users to make money by investing usdt. review

Once you register on this website, you’ll be automatically gifted 100 usdt which as we all know is equivalent to $100. You can also refer friends and family members and earn 1 dollar per person you refer.

The amazing thing about this website is that, the minimum withdrawal amount for this website is $10 and you do not need any registration fee, no need to deposit and you also do not need to pay any money to withdraw.

The big question is: is legit? Find out the answer to this question as we proceed to the next phase of this article.

According to the information left about the on their website.

“Designed with a compliance-first approach, Hex Trust is a global bank-level platform for protecting and managing digital assets.

Is hextrust.finanve legit or scam

It has the highest level of security in the market, and the scalability for high transaction volumes. The integration of the digital asset ecosystem with traditional finance starts with custody service supported by the regulated infrastructure.

This is one of the fundamental challenges faced by HexTrust which should provide solutions as a licensed custodian. We safely capture the increasing demand for digital assets with the help of institutional-level security. We also provide companies with liquidity providers, exchanges and the industry-leading DeFi Staking platform”

CEO information

As at when this review was written, we couldn’t get the CEO information of this platform. We would update this review once we get information on the CEO.

How works

In this section, am going to be explaining all that you need to know about this platform

For you to make money on thus website, you first have to be a registered member and I have written down steps on how to register below. After registering, you can then go to the dashboard and click on the start now button to stake part of your 100 usdt and then start earning with it. You can invest on the free plan for only 4 times. scam or legit

Read more: legit or scam

Investment plans available on

30 days

USDT: 1000 start

Year profit: Max 1825%

Stake Token: USDT

Min Stake: 1000

Stake Cycle: 30 day

Profit Token: USDT

Profit Cycle: 1 day

Profit Rate: Max 5 %

Staked: 0 USDT


90 day

USDT: 5000 start

Year profit: Max 2149.85%

Stake Token: USDT

Min Stake: 5000

Stake Cycle: 90 day

Profit Token: USDT

Profit Cycle: 1 day

Profit Rate: Max 5.89 %

Staked: 0 USDT


180 day

USDT: 10000 start

Year profit: Max 2482%

Stake Token: USDT

Min Stake: 10000

Stake Cycle: 180 day

Profit Token: USDT

Profit Cycle: 1 day

Profit Rate: Max 6.8 %

Staked: 0 USDT

Profited: 0 USDT


1 year

USDT: 50000 start

Year profit: Max 2887.15%

Stake Token: USDT

Min Stake: 50000

Stake Cycle: 1 year

Profit Token: USDT

Profit Cycle: 1 day

Profit Rate: Max 7.91 %

Staked: 0 USDT

Profited: 0 USDT


How to register on

In this section, am going to be showing you how to register on this website

1. Go to the URL above

2. Go to the landing page and then click on the sign-up button

3. Fill in the blank fields with the following information: your email address, password and then invite code.

4. Click on the send email code button and then copy the code sent to your spam box.

5. Input the code from your email in the space provided

6. Input your referrers code in the code section

If you don’t have a referral code, don’t worry as I’ll be writing down my own referral code below.

Is scam referral code

In this section, am going to be showing you how this platform works, how to register and then give you a referral code which you can use to register.

In case you wish to register for an account on this platform and you don’t have a referral code, you can use mine which I’ll be dropping below.

My referral code is: 259219. You can also use my url to go directly

How to login

To login, you can follow the steps below

1. Go to this website

2. Fill in your email address and password in the fields provided

3. Click on login

How to refer and earn money

To refer and earn money on this website, you have to first be a registered member. You can use my steps above for registering.

After registering, you can then go to your dashboard and then to the refer a friend section, share it to anyone who wishes to earn money on this website like you and then earn commissions as soon as they register via your link.

How to withdraw

To withdraw your earnings from this website, you can follow the steps below:

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Go to your dashboard

3. Click on the my button

4. Click on the withdraw button in the next interface

5. Choose between withdrawal via card or usdt

6. If you choose usdt like me then you’ll need to input your usdt address and then the amount of usdt which you’ll like to withdraw and the hit the withdraw button.

Payment proofs from

There are so many payment proofs from people who have tested this platform in real time, I am also a living testimony as I have withdrawn many times from this website.

Is legit or scam is a 100% legit platform where internet users are making money on daily on a daily basis, I also have cashed out. It doesn’t just end there as there are so many other important things which you need to know which are in this article.

Make sure you read it thoroughly.




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