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Hello and welcome. in today’s review, am going to be walking you through and answering all you questions concerning this website. I’ll be revealing top secrets about this platform.

Some of the things I’ll be discussing in this review are: about, who is the CEO of, how it works, tasks available on this website, how to register, how to login, how to refer and earn, how to withdraw, payment proofs from this website, and then finally and most importantly: is legit or a scam.

Read this review thoroughly and till the end so they you won’t miss any important information that I’ll be sharing.

About is a platform where internet users like you and me can go to for earning small bucks. It is a read and earn website where all you do to make money on their platform is to simply login daily and also share sponsored posts to your social media accounts on a daily basis. review

Another very easy and important means of earning money on this website is by referral and to do this, I have written down the steps on how to do this below.

According to this website

We are a worldwide trusted company . This secured website with a user-friendly interface and support of various languages is a breeze to use. Additionally, this site has both desktop and mobile. This secured website with a user-friendly interface and support of various languages is a breeze to use. Additionally, this site has both desktop and mobile.”

Who is the CEO of

Sincerely speaking, we at do not know who the CEO of is. We’ll conduct an extensive research and then tell you who the CEO of this platform is through this Article.

Who the CEO of this website is doesn’t concern us that much as we would focus more on how the platform works and wether it is legit or not.

How works

For you to be start making money on this website on a daily basis, you first need to be a registered member of this website and to do this, I have written down steps on how to register below after which you can then follow these steps which I’ll be showing you below.

1. Purchase a one time coupon and register for an account on this website. This coupon costs just 3000 naira and it is what you need to register on this website.

Once you register on this platform, you’ll automatically be gifted 1gb of data and 1000 naira which is Automatically added to your dashboard.

2. After registering, you can then go to the tasks seriously where you can complete tasks and then earn money as you please.

4. Once you get to the withdrawal threshold on your dashboard, you can then request for a withdrawal .

Is legit or scam

Tasks available on

The following tasks below are the activities which you can perform to earn money from this website.

1. Referral(2,000 naira): in this task, you only need to share your unique referral link which is about on your dashboard to anyone who also wishes to earn money like you on this website.

2. Daily login(200 naira): surprisingly, you can earn money daily on this website by just logging in to your dashboard.

3. Sharing sponsored posts(300 naira) : you can also make money on this website by sharing sponsored posts to your social media accounts .

All things being equal, you can be making up to 5000 naira plus on this website if you’re truly serious.

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 How to register on

To register on this website, you can follow the steps below

1. Go to this website @ through your browser.

2. Go to the coupon section and buy a one time coupon code which you’ll use for registering.

3. Input all the required personal information in the fields available and then hit the login button.

  How to login/signin

To sign-in to your dashboard, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to this website’s sign-up page and then hit the sign-in button

2. Fill in your username and your password in the spaces provided

3. Hit the sign-in button and you’re good to go.

How works

How to refer and earn money on

To begin referral and earning money from this website, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Login to your dashboard and copy your referral link.

2. Copy your referral link

3. Share and promote to people who want to earn money through this website like you.

4. Earn money (2000 naira) as soon as they register

How to withdraw your earnings from this website

Follow the steps below on how to withraw your accumulated earnings from this website

Note that Before requesting for withrawal on this website, you need to meet the minimum withdrawal amount which is 6000 naira.

Also note that you can only place withrawals from 10am to 12pm every 27th day of the month.

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Go to the withdrawal tab

3. Fill the withdrawal form with all the required information and then

4. Hit the place withrawal withdraw button.

5. Your request would be attended to and your earnings would be sent to your provided payment option.

Payment proofs from

There are many payment proofs from this website, this means that this website is currently paying out to their members. Many people are testifying of he goodness of this platform.

Is legit or scam is a 100% legit platform that has been paying out and is currently paying out to it’s members. There are other top secrets about this platform you didn’t know which are written in this article so don’t rush to go and register.

Read them first. is currently paying but there are still a few things to take note of

1. This website generating money from ads displayed to their members

2. The money you deposit to coupon vendor is shared, the person who referred you takes 2000 naira while the CEO takes 1000 naira.

3. The money on your dashboard is audio money and they may decide not to pay you anyone any day.

4. Do not try to be smart by accumulating earnings on your dashboard as it might not end well for you.

5. The CEO of this website might decide to close it down any day, depending on how much he has earned so far from members.


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