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Hello and welcome to this review empire. In today’s review, am going to be walking you through all that you may need to know about this shopping website for college students, the name of this website is

In this review, am going to be addressing and giving answers to the following queries: what this website is all about, how to place an order on this website, security infrastructure of this website, payment options available on this website, return policy of this website, shipping policy and then I’ll finally tell you if is legit or scam.

I’ll advise you to read this review article till the end because there are deep facts about this platform hidden in this article which you can’t find else where. Without wasting much of our time, il like us to get down to why you are here.

What is all about is a shopping website where you can go to for purchases of college apparels like: t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, baseball hats and so on at subsidized rates. review | legit or scam

They are currently running a promo where you get free shipping if you buy products which costs $100 and above.

This website claims to supply products for the following universities

UC Berkeley clothing

UC Davis clothing

UCSB apparel

Santa Cruz clothing

Francisco State apparel

Columbia University clothing

Harvard University apparel

Princeton University clothing

Cornell University clothing

Boston College apparel

Yale University clothing

Oregon Duck apparel

University Of Washington

Pepperdine University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo clothing

Social media accounts of this website

This website has accounts on the following social media platforms




Is even legit?? Read on to get the answer to your question

Security information of

The security Infrastructure if a website goes a very long way to tell you if a website is potentially legit or not so read carefully.

1. Web of trust rating and review: currently, thus website does not have any ratings or reviews on the web of trust algorithm.

2. Ssl certificate information: This website is secured with an ask certificate that helps prevent unauthorized use or access to private information by Intruders or spammers. It encrypts the connection between your computer, web browser and this website keeping your personal and financial information safe.

3. Google safebrowsing test: According to the safebrowsing test carried out on this domain,it was discovered that this website does not have any unsafe contents in it.

4. Websites age: The age of a shopping website helps tell us if it can be trusted or not because according to scanners, a shopping website is suppose to be at least 4 months old before it can at least be trusted, in this case, this shopping website is 8 years old so It passed this test.

5. Malware/spyware check: according to this website, there were no malware’s or spywares detected in this website.

Contact Information of this website

The following means are the ways you can contact the management of this website

2175 Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94704

at Allston Way in Downtown Berkeley

Phone: (510) 848-6622 is the best way to contact us.

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 4:30pm

Sunday Closed

Who is the founder of

We could not get the information of the founder of this website, this is common for most websites like this one and so we do not find it too strange.

How to place an order on this website

Follow the steps below to place an order on this website

1. Go to this website at

2. You’ll be taken to the landing page

3. Select the university which you study in

4. Select your gender

5. Select the type of clothing you wish to buy

6. Apply your selections by clicking on the search button

7. A new window will appear with a list of products

8. Select the product you want and then click on it

9. Click on the buy now button

10. Proceed to the checkout page your collection method from Shipping or pickup

12. Fill in your information or your email address, last name, company name, address, apartment /suite, city, state, zip code and phone number

13. Click on the continue to shopping button

Payment options available on

The following below are the payment options that are accepted by this website during shopping.

1. Google pay

2. PayPal

3. Shoppay

4. Amex

5. Apple pay

6. MasterCard

7. Visa

8. Discover

9. Meta

Return policy

You can return a product 60 days from the day it was purchased back to this platform if you do not like it or if it doesn’t match your specification.

Red flags

1. No shipping policy page

2. Lied about their age: 1987 against 8 years ago

Is worth buying from

To the best of my knowledge, considering all the tests carried out on this website and their results, I personally think this website is worth purchasing items on because it has about 80% tendency of being legit.

Is safe

Safety tests were carried out on this website and all came out positive, that’s why is safe

Is legit or scam

After reviewing this website with both humans and website testing algorithms, we found out that this website has a high tendency of being legit as it passed all the tests carried out on it.

It doesn’t end there, what I advise you to do is to purchase a cheao product from this website for testing purpose and then when they deliver faithfully, you can then go for more expensive products.


Thanks for stopping by to read this review of, see you in our next review article.



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