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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review article, am going to be walking you through all that you may need to know about this earning website called

In this review, am going to be walking you through all that you may need to know about this platform and then answer all your questions concerning this site including but not limited to how this website works, tasks available on this website, who is eligible to earn on this website, who the ceo of this website is, how to register on this website, how to login, how to make withdrawal, how to refer and earn money on this website, payment proofs from this website and finally give you an answer to is legit or scam.

Make sure you read this review till the end so that you won’t miss any important information that I’ll be sharing in this article. review : legit or scam

What is is a recently launched online earning platform/website that helps internet users and netizens make money online by grabbing orders on their website.

Another very easy way of making money from this platform is be referral. I’ll be shedding more light on this later on.

CEO information

The Information of the CEO of this platform wasn’t revealed, this may be due to privacy issues or to avoid spam. As soon as we get information about the CEO of this platform, we’ll update this review and get back to you once we get the identity of the ceo of this platform.

When was launched was launched on the 17th of October in the year 2022 and is currently working fine.

How works

For you to start making money on this website, you’ll need to be a registeredember and to do this, I have written down a list of steps which you need to follow to register on this website.

After registration, you can then deposit funds into your account and then start grabbing orders and making money. The minimum deposit amount for this website is 10usdt and the maximum deposit amount is 2,000,000usdt.

You automatically get rewarded with a commission of 0.5 usdt once you regua to a new person through your link on this website. I’ll be explaining more about referral later on.

Tasks available on

The following tasks below are etr task available on this website.

There are 2 tasks available on this website and they are:

1. Investment tasks: In this earning method, all you need to do is to register for an account on this website and then choose an investment plan according to your budget, invest in it and then get return on investment after some period of time.

2. Referral task: share your link, register new members through your refer link and then make commissions.

How to make money on this website

Follow my strategy on how I made money on this platform easily

1. Register for an account and get a $5 registration bonus

2. Refer atleast 5 people and make 5x$0.5 = $2.5

You’ll automatically be moved to the vip 1 plan on once you refer 5 people and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of vip1 members as seen below.

3. Perform daily activities earnings and make at least $1 per day

4. Do this for like one week and make upto the minimum withdrawal amount and withdraw your earnings.

If you wish to invest in this platform, I’ll advise you to donut very fast because most platforms like these one dont last and if you invest at the latter end, you may loose your investment and not make even a dime.

Investment plans available on this website

The following below are the investment plans that are available on this website which you can choose from to immediately start making money on this platform.

1. Vip 1

No of orders: 5

Price($): 10

Total profit (%): 10


2. Vip 2

No of orders: 10

Price($): 20

Total profit (%):22


3. Vip 3

No of orders: 15

Price($): 50

Total profit (%): 24


4. Vip 4

No of orders: 20

Price($): 100

Total profit (%): 30


5. Vip 1

No of orders: 25

Price($): 400

Total profit (%): 40


6. Vip 6

No of orders: 30

Price($): 800

Total profit (%):42


7. Vip 7

No of orders: 40

Price($): 4000

Total profit (%): 44


8. Vip 8

No of orders: 50

Price($): 5000

Total profit (%): 50


9. Vip 9

No of orders: 100

Price($): 500,000

Total profit (%): 0.24


10. Vip 10

No of orders: 150

Price($): 2,000,000

Total profit (%): 0.19


How to register for an account on this website

Follow the steps that I’ll be showing you below on how to register for an account on this website

1. Go to this website

2. Fill in the registration form with the following information: your name, phone number, password and referral link.

3. Hit the register button.

How to login to your dashboard

To login to your dashboard, you need to follow the steps below

1. Go to this website

2. Locate the login page

3. Input your phone number and password in the empty fields

4. Hit login button

How to refer and make money on this website

Follow these steps bow on how you can refer new members to this website and immediately start making cool money.

1. Go to this website

2. Login to your dashboard

3. Click on the my button at the bottom right corner of the screen

4. Copy your referral link

5. Share to your friends who are also interested in making money like you

6. Get commissions as soon as they register referral link /invite code

Incase you want to register on this platform and you do not have a referral link, you can use mine as I’ll be dropping it below.

This is my referral link for website, you can use it to register.

How to withdraw your earnings

Follow the steps below on how you can withdraw your earnings from this website

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Click on the my button

3. Click on the withdraw button on your dashboard

4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

Note that withdrawals are only made for vip2 members and above.

Payment proofs from

There are no payment proofs from this website yet, this is because it’s still a new website and not too many activities have been carried out on it, it also doesn’t have much members for now.

Is legit or scam is legit and paying out to it members for now but things would surely change for this website and they might eventually scam people, make sure you invest what you can afford to loose on this website to avoid heartbreaking losses.

Read this review properly because there are many things that you need to know which are in this review article.


Thanks for stopping by to read my review of, see you in our next review article.


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