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Hello and welcome to, in today’s review, we’ll be looking at the legitness of a tron minning and investment website where internet users can mine, invest and withdraw Tron from. The name of this Tron website is

In this review, we’ll be considering the following topics: how this website works, how to make money from this website, tasks available on this website, who is the founder of, how to refer and earn money from this website, how to login to your dashboard, how to login to your account, payment proofs from this website, is legit or scam. review

Read this review till the end so you won’t miss out on all the important information that I’ll be passing accross to you through this article. Without wasting much if your time, let’s get down t business.

What is is a cryptocurrency minning, trading and investment platform where netizens can make money on by investing and then getting their returns on investment on a daily basis depending on the plan they invest in.

Users of this platform can make anything from as little as 5% to 445% of their investments on Thur website depending on their investment.

Another means of earning from this website is by referral. I have written down a list of steps to follow if you wish to make money on this website through the referral means below.

Who is the founder of

After carring out series of researchs on this website, we were not able to find out who the owner nof this website is , we’ll make more research and then get back to you through this article.

Although who the CEO of this platform is doesn’t concern is that much, it’s still very important for us to know who he is so we’ll know who we are dealing with and ensure the safety of our investments.

How works

For you to start making money on this Tron investment website, you need to first be a regular member. I have written down a list of steps for registering for a free account on this website later in this article.

Note that you’ll be rewarded with 20000 trx as a free registration bonus on this website once you register. Looks amazing right? Find out if is legit or scam by reading on.

After registering, you can then go to the investment section of your dashboard to select a suitable investment plan that suits your budget, investing in it and then getting returns on investments according to how the plan schedules it.

Before you can start enjoying the goodness of this platform, you’ll have to upgrade your investment plan from 0 to VIP 1 with 10 Trx.

Another means of earning money is by referral and to refer, you need your unique referral link which you’ll have to share to people who are interested in making money through this website like you, making them register through your link and then start getting commissions immediately they register.

How to register for an account on

Follow the steps I’ll be showing you below on how to register on this website

1. Go to this website through the link above

2. You’ll automatically be redirected to the registration page

3. Fill in the empty fields with all the appropriate information needed

4. Click on the register button.

Is legit or scam

How to login

Follow the steps below for logging in to your dashboard on this website

1. Go to this website via the URL above

2. Locate the sign-in button

3. Fill in your username and password

4. Hit the login button

VIP plans available on

The following below are the VIP plans that you can invest in to start making money on this site:

Plan 1

1. Duration: 1 day

2. Daily rate: 5%

Plan 2

1. Duration: 3 days

2. Daily rate: 10 days

Plan 3

1 duration: 7 days

2. Daily rate: 20%

Plan 4

1. Duration: 15 days

2. Daily rate: 45 % referral

You can follow the method below on how to refer and earn money through this website by referral means

To make money through referral on this website you have to go to your dashboard, copy your unique referral link, share to individuals who want to earn money through this website like you, make them register and then get commissions each time a new user registers through your link.

You get a commission of 12% once you register a new user through your link.

How to withdraw your earnings from

Follow the procedures below on how to withdraw your earnings from this website

1. Go to this website

2. Login to your dashboard

3. Go to the withdrawal section

4. Fill in the withdrawal form with all the required information

5. Choose a suitable withdrawal method

6. Hit the withraw now button

Withdrawal options available on

The following below are the means of withdrawing your earnings from

1. Litecoin

2. Bitcoin

3. Ethereum

4. Dogecoin

5. Perfect money

6. Payert

7. Bitcoin cash

Payment proofs from

As at the time this review was written, there were no payment proofs from this website, we’ll looking for payment proofs and then update this review as soon as possible.

Is legit or scam is not a legit platform now, even though you may be cashing out from this platform now but you’ll loose money later because platforms like this one pay their members for a while and then stop paying along the way.

I’ll advise you to invest what you can afford to loose on this website to avoid losses.



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